“I had coronavirus, I thought about death”


Atalanta’s coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, had the coronavirus and feared the worst: “yes, I was afraid”, he said for the first time in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The day before the Valencia game I was sick, the afternoon of the game was worse,” said the 62-year-old coach, “I didn’t have a pretty face on the bench. It was March 10th. I slept little the following two nights in Zingonia. I hadn’t the fever, but I felt as if I was at 40. An ambulance passed by every two minutes. There is a hospital nearby. It seemed to be at war. At night I thought: if I go in there, what What happens to me? I can’t leave now, I have so many things to do … I was saying it jokingly, to exorcise. But I really thought so “.

Gasperini explained that everything is now out of date: “Saturday 14 I had a hard workout like I hadn’t remembered for years. An hour on the treadmill, more than 10 kilometers of running. I felt good, strong. The worst was over. I stayed in Zingonia for three weeks. Then in Turin I always respected the distancing from wife and children. Without fever I never swabbed. Ten days ago serological tests confirmed that I had Covid-19. I have antibodies, which it doesn’t mean I’m immune now. ”

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