“I denounced? I denounce them”





Pappalardo: I denounced? I'll report them

I denounced? But from whom? From those who are not even constitutional? And where is the crime? The situation is reversed, it is the government that is responsible for very serious crimes, other than masks… “. Speaking to the Adnkronos is theformer general of the Carabinieri Antonio Pappalardo, leader of the protest of the so-called Orange Vests and promoter of the garrison that was held today in Piazza Duomo in Milan for which, according to sources of the police headquarters, a complaint is outlined for violation of the provisions concerning the Dpcm in the part relating to the ban on gathering and the obligation to wear individual protection to contain the Covid 19 virus infection. Pappalardo has it at all, from Conte down. “I have been to Bergamo and Lombardy and what I have found is truly shameful. The people who begged me ‘General, free us, they are making us live with the stocks, we cannot live in these conditions anymore. They denounce me? I am I who denounce them .. ‘.

In a note then issued, the leader of the so-called orange vests explains that he also wants to denounce Sala and Fontana asking the three political leaders “to resign from their positions by June 2, the day when the people will gather in Rome to restore freedom and democracy in the our country”. Also in the note, Pappalardo points out that in today’s demonstration, the citizens decreed “unanimously” the end of the government “for clear violation of the constitutional rules” and the need to “approve a new electoral law and to print the national currency” .

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