“I care about Turin. Shooting? We’ll be ready”


Even the president of Torino Urbano Cairo commented on the next recovery of Serie A (READ HERE). These are the declarations of the grenade patron, who spoke to ANSA’s microphones: “I had doubts about the resumption of the championship. After that, the moment you decide to play I am there ready to push the team to do the best. We are on the track to play, today I was in Turin, I met the team, the technician Longo, the sports director Vagnati, and I gave the charge, with positive positive messages to start well. I have a sense of responsibility. I am not thinking only of what I am interested in but of a more general discussion and the health of footballers and people. This is why I was doubtful. Today we decide to start again and I’m obviously on the field to do things better“.

Gravina: “Restarting football is a message of hope for the country”

The decision is this – Cairo continued – and we must be ready and do the best. I went to the team, I will go next week, I love Turin, I’m on the track. I am not an opponent of anything: I have a football team that obviously cannot have revenues but if it does not play, but it still has a lot of costs, I have a newspaper like the Gazzetta dello Sport that talks about sports and football in particular, I was in favor via ideal, but then since I am also a person with a sense of responsibility, in relation to the pandemic I had doubts. To protect the health of players and citizens. Fortunately we have closed and things have calmed down, we hope that things continue like this“.

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