“I can not breath”. African American stopped by a policeman dies suffocated


A white policeman presses the knee with all the weight of his body on the neck of an African American, immobilized on the ground. The man whispers something that is unfortunately familiar to us: “I can’t breathe.” Ten minutes of video to document the death of another black man, arrested this time by officers from the Minneapolis Police Department.

“The accident”

«The accident», as the command of Minneapolis (Minnesota) defines it, adds to a long sequence and recalls in particular the killing of Eric Garner on 11 July 2014 in Staten Island (New York) and his repeated invocation eleven times: “I don’t breathe.” Now the victim is a man in his forties, stopped on Monday 25 May by a patrol while traveling by car. In the statement, the Police Department said that the driver “seemed to be driving in altered conditions”. It is the formula used when alcohol or drug abuse is suspected. At the beginning, the dynamic appears to be that of a normal control. But man would have resisted the police. A scuffle would ensue, until the agents managed to block and handcuff the “suspect”.

The video that accuses the police

The whole scene, however, was filmed with a cellphone by a citizen: the clip and quickly bounced between the TV and the web. The FBI has decided to open an investigation, focusing on the moment in which the policeman crushes with his knee the face of the African American who tries to save himself for the last time: «do not kill me», he says now motionless, with his cheek on the asphalt. There are also other voices, probably of passersby yelling at the policeman: “He’s bleeding from his nose,” “Get off your neck.” When the ambulance arrives, maybe it’s late. Man is already without knowledge. Later, doctors certify his death. The Police Department further states that “no weapons were used” and that the agents had their personal cameras turned on. The footage is in the hands of the local Federal Bureau office.

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