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Hundreds of people descended the streets of Mineapolis on Tuesday evening to protest right at the road junction where George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, was killed a few days ago during a violent detention procedure carried out by police officers. The four Minneapolis police officers were fired on Tuesday for the death of the man, who was unarmed. And the video of the man lying face down on the street, moaning saying “I can’t breathe”, has gone around the web, while a white policeman holds his knee on his neck for several minutes. The agents involved said that the description of the man, 40-year-old George Floyd, matched the description of a suspect. Several people had gathered around, shouting to the police to let him go. After a few minutes Floyd had stopped moving, an ambulance took him to the hospital, where he died shortly thereafter. The scene was filmed by one of the passersby.

Minneapolis, policeman immobilizes an African American with his knee until he takes his breath away

Protesters in Minneapolis yesterday marched through the neighborhood to a police district in the city where the windows were damaged and the police squad cars were sprayed with graffiti. Riot police have launched tear gas and stun grenades at demonstrators. “For five minutes we saw a white officer press his knee against the neck of a black man,” said Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis. “For five minutes. This officer was wrong, in the most basic human sense. Floyd shouldn’t have died, ”said Frey, apologizing the city to the family and black community of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, “I can’t breathe” becomes a protest motto after the man suffocated by violent police action

Darnella Frazier, the woman who filmed the video of the police violence: «They were blocking him by the neck and he was crying. They didn’t take it seriously. The police killed him, brother, right in front of everyone. ”It is not the first time that such cases have taken place in recent years. In 2016, In Minnesota, after 32-year-old black Philando Castile, was killed by a policeman of Sant’Antonio during a road stop, vibrant protests of the black community broke out. Also that time the footage of the accident went viral online. The officer, Jeronimo Yanez, of South American descent, was acquitted of the second-degree manslaughter charge.

African American killed in Minneapolis protest demonstrations

Democratic Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, has called for those responsible to pay for Floyd’s death, “yet another horrifying and shocking example of an African American man dying.” Paige Fernandez, an adviser to the American Civil Liberties Union, said the incident commemorated the death of Eric Garner in 2014 in New Yorkhe also repeated “I can’t breathe” several times after a police officer stopped him in a slum. Garner died during the arrest, the accident was also filmed on video.


The Eric Garner case, African American smothered by a police officer in 2014 in New York

The death of 18-year-old African American Micheal Brown who in 2014 triggered Ferguson’s revolt

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