How to use Facebook Avatar also on WhatsApp


After landing in Europe in late April, Facebook Avatar they represent a quick and easy way to share your mood with your friends and relatives. Obviously perfectly integrated on Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Facebook Avatar is not yet fully available on other proprietary applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram. In this guide we explain how to use Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp in order to share your cute personalized stickers in chat.

How to use Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp

First you need to start the Facebook application on your smartphone and access the Avatar menu. It can be reached in these ways:

  • in the “comments” field of any Facebook post by looking for the appropriate Avatar package;
  • through the Facebook application settings. To reach the panel you need to tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right> Avatars. In the event that the section is not available, you can find it by tapping on the button “Other …”.

At this point, the application screen shows you the summary of your Avatars, tap on the central icon at the top right and locate the sticker you want to share on WhatsApp. Once done, hold down the sticker of your interest and select the item “Other options …“Present inside the small panel just opened. Here you must select the WhatsApp icon or the WhatsApp chat in which you want to share the sticker of your choice.

At this point you will find yourself within the WhatsApp screen relating to the modification of images. This is because, as you surely have guessed, WhatsApp manipulates Facebook Avatar as if they were simple images. Once you are ready to share the sticker in chat, simply press the send button and publish the image with your sticker in a private or group chat.

Facebook Avatar on other apps

The procedure just seen is also identical to share your sticker even on applications such as Telegram, Instagram and others. In the latter, the sticker can also be used to create a story or to create a new post with lots of effects and various filters.

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