How to chat with a person stuck on WhatsApp


To avoid the stalking of former comrades and more generally of too insistent people, Whatsapp has been adding a very useful option for several years now: blocking users. By blocking a person’s phone number, you will no longer receive a message: even if you try to write or call us, we will not receive any notification. The same applies to us: if we are blocked, it will be impossible to contact the person to find out the reasons.

If you are blocked by a contact, unfortunately WhatsApp does not warn us. No message appears inside the chat and you are always left with the doubt of understanding if we are really blocked, or it is some smartphone or phone line problem. Fortunately there are clues that there allow you to understand if a person has blocked us on WhatsApp: our messages never get the double blue check, we do not see the state of the person or his profile picture. If we collect all these clues, then it means that the person no longer wants to have contacts with us on WhatsApp, even if we do not know the reasons.

What to do to find out why we were stuck on the messaging application? There is a very simple trick to get in touch with people who have blocked us, but we need the help of a friend of ours. Here’s how to do it.

How to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

Let’s start from the origins, that is to understand if one person blocked us on WhatsApp. As said, the application does not show any warning or message that a user no longer wants to receive our messages. However, there are clues that can help us.

The first thing from check is the profile picture. If until a few days before we saw the profile photo of a friend of ours and now we no longer see it (instead of it the silhouette of a gray image appears), then 99% we have been blocked on WhatsApp. If you add to this the fact that the messages we send to the contact never get the double blue check, then the percentage reaches 100%.

To have absolute certainty, you can try one last test: try a call the person on WhatsApp. If the phone rings and we don’t receive a response, then you can have absolute certainty. In fact, when we are blocked, our phone rings, while that of the person who blocked us does not receive the call.

WhatsApp, like chatting with a person who blocked us

There is a simple trick to enter in contact with a contact who blocked us, but needs the support of a friend. In fact, the friend must create a group on WhatsApp formed by him, by us and by the person who blocked us. In this way he will be able to receive our messages and perhaps we could ask for explanations on this decision, without, however, going beyond insults and insults: there is a risk of being denounced. Once the motivations are obtained, we can put our soul in peace and abandon the group.

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