“How to change in order not to die” – Libero Quotidiano


Do you remember when, three years ago or so, Alfonso Bonafede, then M5s deputy and vice-president of the House Justice Committee, said: “If there is a suspicion even those who are clean resign”? Yes, the worst of manettari, pure grillism, school Marco Travaglio, the most sinister justicialism. Well, this is the same Bonafede who, overwhelmed by suspicions, has held tight the armchairs of the Minister of Justice. But to remind the Guardasigilli of his words, today more than ever a boomerang that comes straight back to his forehead, he thinks about it Maria Giovanna Maglie, who posts an old article on Twitter that reports the words of Bonafede that was so much fruitful to discuss. And she says: “How you change to not die, how you change not to suffer”. Nothing to add, your honor.

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