How much did Death Stranding sell? Kojima: we are largely in profit


Arrived last November on PS4, Death Stranding it was the first video game of the new one Kojima Productions, from the farewell of Hideo Kojima (and most of his team, including art director Yoji Shinkawa) to Konami and the series Metal Gear.

As we told you in our rich video review, the project carried out by the Japanese software house has established itself as what we had expected – an authorial work capable of creating dichotomies of audiences very difficult to converge, among those who loved her immensely for its contaminations and its rhythms and those who, on the other hand, did not get in tune with the game and found it very boring and free of playful ideas capable of kidnapping him.

Precisely from these dichotomies, we told you, real online conflicts have arisen, even resulting in the accusations against Geoff Keighley for his The Game Awards because of the nominations received from Death Stranding – being the game signed by a friend of his and being the organizer present in the title itself as an appearance. All this, however, totally ignoring the fact that Keighley did not decide in any way the nominations for the event, made by the specialized press.

The climate, in short, was anything but relaxed, and in this context noises of all sorts were generated, sometimes in contradiction, on thetrend of Death Stranding on the market, also thanks to the fact that there have never been official numbers other than the first week of debut in Japan.

How much did Death Stranding sell? Kojima: we are largely in profit

So how much did he sell Death Stranding? Is it true, as some rumors suggested, that Sony would be very upset because of the money lost due to the slowness on the project market? The answer was directly Hideo Kojima, interviewed on livedoor, who during a long chat ensured that you can sleep soundly.

The game director explained:

Death Stranding it has completely crossed the border of profitabilityso we can say it was a success – and also put all the production costs back together. A PC version will also be released, so you can rest assured: we have enough profit to be able to think serenely about the next title.

As we know, in fact, for a video game not to become a black hole for a publisher it is necessary first of all that it recovers all the production costs – and that, from there, it then goes into profit, that is idle, to generate profit compared to the investments made.

How much did Death Stranding sell? Kojima: we are largely in profit

We do not know how much the budget allocated by Sony for his Death Stranding, who has certainly had an important marketing campaign and counts, among others, on Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Margaret Qualley and Lea Seydoux in the cast. It is equally true that the game is driven by Decima Engine, signed as a first party by Guerrilla Games: therefore, it is difficult to estimate any number in a realistic way, until Sony Interactive Entertainment will make them known.

Death Stranding puts you in the role of Sam Porter Bridges, a courier who tries to connect people who, due to the dangers of the outside world, live isolated in communities or even in single houses scattered around inhospitable lands. Sam’s journey, which starts in what was once the United States to try to rebuild them, will also and above all lead him to confront himself in a peculiar way with transience and with mutual selfless help as human beings – both themes expressed in the gameplay of the game.

The PC release is expected for next July.

Source: livedoor

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