How likely am I to get in touch with the Covid-19 virus? An online test calculates them


Would you like to know how likely you are to be in contact with the Covid-19 virus in the past three months? The Santagostino Medical Center in Milan has developed a statistical model, developed by the medical and data analysis team, to ensure that people, in total autonomy, can calculate their own percentage probability score. The model is based on data from the literature: in the Scientific basis section you can consult all the scientific publications used.

To participate just go to the dedicated section of the Santagostino Medical Center website and answer the questions. Information relating to personal characteristics (gender, age, region where you are domiciled), personal behavior, any symptoms, contacts with infected individuals or tests performed will be recorded – obviously completely anonymous – for the purpose of scientific research in the field medical and epidemiological and for statistical purposes.

Among the questions are those related to any symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat), contacts with positive or suspicious people, swabs or serological tests done and behaviors (frequenting public transport and crowded places). At the end just click on Calculate and you get your own probability percentage.

May 29, 2020 | 17:02


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