How fast does WindTre go? The era of the duopoly is over


WindTre, what speed! The era of the technical duopoly in Italian mobile telephony has officially ended. And it is thanks to that marriage so hindered and so criticized. That union of tears and blood that ultimately cost a lot, even in terms of lost customers. Which cost above all because it forced the market to open up to a new competitor, Iliad.

However, the union between Wind and 3 has finally led to the parity network. Today WindTre is a network that can compete on equal terms with Tim and Vodafone. End of the duopoly.

No more game for two. To certify it are the recent data of OpenSignal that a few hours ago have for the first time in the history of Italian telephony awarded the first prize for speed to the third subject: WindTre. After years in which the scepter was exchanged by Tim and Vodafone, the excellent download speed guaranteed by the mobile network defined by the company as “top quality” was certified.

Months and months of investment. The network was the most demanding part of the long adventure that led to the birth of the unique brand in the past few weeks. Wind and Tre, two separate and separate networks, have been entirely updated with new devices, all ready for 5G (now also with W3 at the door) and programmed to emit a single powerful network signal.

Better coverage, practically present in every part of Italy and internet services which at this point can be considered objectively competitive with those of the former TIM monopolist and with the first in the Vodafone class.

In short, W3 covers well, and we already knew this, and holds even the most demanding loads well, such as those that developed during the difficult Covid-19 epidemic and the long lockdown phase. It is therefore clear that the antennas are not only many but are also well attached to the fiber in order to guarantee one very good internet speed.

WindTre antennas more than Tim and Vodafone

Important fact is the total number of working WindTre antennas. After the merger, as was logical, some redundant antennas were eliminated, turned off or sold. There were several sites which, for obvious reasons, were Wind or 3 and covered the same area.

With the merger between Wind and 3, of course, synergy has been created between the two previous networks and to date, this is the most important data that emerges, the total of the WindTre antennas is higher than those managed by Vodafone or Tim. In short, an important record after years of gap suffered by the third and fourth managers, compared to the first two.

The network most used by Italians

We are aware that we are drawing a general line of reasoning. And we know that controversies and comments based on personal experiences generally emerge in this kind of post. It is obvious that the WindTre network is still insufficient and underperforming in some areas as it is obvious that the question of network and coverage is absolutely variable from city to city, indeed from neighborhood to neighborhood. But in fact the sum of the antennas benefits W3 and even the latest OpenSignal report and also reported by national newspapers can be considered objectively reliable.

WindTre, the network most used by Italians

And it is also important to remember that WindTre is the most used network by Italians today. The speed of the WindTre network is enjoyed by the many users of the company (first by number of sim human) but also by the many Iliad customers. The fourth mobile operator largely uses the antennas of this operator and therefore access the power of the new single network.

And then there are the many MVNO customers, those belonging to PosteMobile, the first Italian virtual for sim and Fastweb Mobile which, following the special agreements Fastweb-W3, has changed the support network passing from the Tim to the WindTre one. The total migration of users with Fastweb Mobile sim was set in the first half of 2020.

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