How about the Europe-China combination?


Dear Severgnini, the European Union, albeit slowly (as often happens to it), is dictating the times and is providing the most credible indications in the context of economic, political and health recovery. Donald Trump’s US, on the other hand, seems to be struggling and proving to be overrated. Just as much as Britain’s Boris Johnson. Not to mention Putin’s Russia. Now, I don’t want to take a gamble, but I would say that leaving the European sphere of influence, you lose advantages, not vice versa. And that China is converging, see WHO case, towards Europe. You, who know both Washington and Beijing, how do you see a Europe-China combination in the context of a global economic / political reorganization?

Stefano Basile, [email protected]

The Presidents pass, America remains. Not only is the military, technological, academic and scientific power of the USA intact (see communication platforms and the Covid vaccine story19). We share history, democracy and culture with the United States of America (from Netflix to Bruce Springsteen). We can get along with China, indeed we must. It is a great pragmatic power, after all. But overturn our alliances because of a passing Donald? I would say no. Let’s leave it to its hydroxychloroquine, and wait for November.

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