Hospitalized because of Covid-19, he returns home and finds the hospital bill: 840 thousand dollars


A high school teacher from the Colorado – Robert Dennis his name – received an account at home over $ 840,000 (840,386.94 to be precise), money needed for cure it from the new coronavirus. Intubated for almost two weeks because of Covid-19, when the American teacher finally got better, the Sky Ridge Medical Center account was sent home. “To see the figure, we missed the air again,” said Suzanne, the teacher’s wife, telling their story to the Denver7 broadcaster. “The drugs she took in the hospital cost a quarter of a million,” added the woman.

Husband and wife in hospital with Covid-19 – The couple has health insurance that should cover the costs, which overall could reach $ 1.5 million. The first invoice arrived at home would only concern the weeks during which the patient remained intubated, then Dennis needed 3 weeks of rehabilitation in a specialized center and also his wife, infected in a milder form, had to resort to treatment. in the hospital. The Colorado couple, however, should not take over the overwhelming account as it could take advantage of the coverage guaranteed by a Colorado law. In addition, hospitals that have received funds under the Cares Act, a package approved by Congress in March, should not send bills to patients. “It’s scary to see that number,” Suzanne added.

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