Hospital. Doctor Maniglia closes the circle: “After the tsunami, the rubble remains”


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After the story of the emergency, there is now a desire to leave again

“I have to admit that I crossed my fingers because sometimes science is not enough”

LECCO – He had been interviewed by national televisions and radios for those words that, it last April 5, in the midst of the covid emergency, had entrusted to social networks. A post in which the doctor Paolo Maniglia he told all the difficulties, even from a human point of view, of an anesthesiologist doctor from the hospital of Lecco who, in a very difficult period, saw some of “his” patients leave for Germany who had held out a hand to hold on to. Almost two months later, Dr. Maniglia closes the circle, so he named his second place at the end of the emergency.

When the circle closes

“Mr. T. is dead. In addition to kidney complications, liver complications and various superinfections have been added. His kidneys were already blocking and we had no machines to dialyze him continuously. They were all busy.
Ms. R. has been back for a while. He’s doing rehab. He has had some brain complications but seems to be recovering.
Last week I went to retrieve Mr. G., also in Cologne. He was a little confused, but seeing him again was nice. We talked about pallets, weights and transport during the trip. I don’t understand it but he explained it to me. A little in its own way. And the accounts came back. Now I know more.
Today, Mrs. G. is returning from Germany. She is well, she is still a little tired but she is well. This is what matters.
She is a patient in the pain therapy clinic. I had known her for some time. Chronic headache. I want to see her again.
Mr. C. who had flown to Terni also returned. He seems to have made the return trip by helicopter.
I have to admit that I’ve kept my fingers crossed all this time.
Not for reasons of distrust in the work of colleagues who received them. Rather they will have my gratitude for eternity. We have felt with many of them in this period. Periodically I wrote or called to find out the clinical conditions.
I crossed my fingers because sometimes science and the maximum effort that can be given are not enough. A bit of luck is often needed. Especially when you face an enemy you don’t know. So sneaky as to present itself in the form of pneumonia and quickly change into a multi-organ disease.
I crossed my fingers because if they were all dead …
the possibility was …
but it didn’t happen.
Now in our hospital there is only one patient in intensive care, Mr. P., I cross my fingers for him too.
And here the circle closes.

For the rest we are trying to start again. To resume our ‘routine’.
But it is tiring. We are all tired.
We still haven’t had any holidays.
And yet the situation is uncertain.
Many of us are still “activated”. They can’t get out of it. Many would like to go on. But every time you enter the hospital there is always someone or something that reminds you of those days. It’s like a vortex that sucks you in and slams you back into the dust. You are out of breath for a few seconds. You concentrate, take a deep breath and return with your feet on the ground. And start doing what you need to know that this is your new normal.
I don’t know what will happen in the future and I don’t want to know.
For now I want to leave.
I abandoned my pain therapy patients to themselves. I had neither time nor energy for them.
They understood it and waited. But they have not stopped suffering.
They were simply good vouchers at home. With their pains.
Now they are looking for me. They need me. And I of them. We have to rebuild everything. From scratch.
Because if the tsunami passed before, now the rubble remains. We must roll up our sleeves.
Here Lecco hospital
We won’t leave anyone behind. “

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