Horace Grant against The Last Dance and Michael Jordan: ‘90% are lies. Story created artfully by MJ ‘| Gossip


The Last Dance the documentary on the success of the last year of the greats Chicago Bulls and of Michael Jordan, had a worldwide success and ended on Monday with the release of the last two episodes. However, there are those who did not like the documentary and among these there is the former Bulls wing of that period Horace Grant painted in the series as “the mole” who revealed the secrets of the dressing room to Sam Smith in order to write a book that put Jordan in crisis halfway through his career. Grant is not there and rejects the accusations from the sender.LIES – “Lies, lies and more lies, if Jordan has held a grudge against me, we can resolve the issue as men. We can discuss it or find another way to sort things out. But again, in front of a camera he started to repeat the lie that I am the source who spread the things written in the book. Sam and I have always been great friends, we still are, but the sacredness of the dressing room and its secrets has never been questioned. Sam he’s a great investigative journalist, that’s the explanation. ”

ATTACK ON JORDAN – “His is only grudge: I tell you, he has no other reason than that. And I think it comes out during the documentary. If you say something out of place about him, you are done out, he will do everything to destroy your character “.ART CREATED HISTORY – “I wish I could say that it’s only a matter of show, but who was there and was his teammate, knows that 90% of those stories are not real. Because very often to what Jordan said to his teammates , followed an equally harsh response from those who were with him in the locker room. But editing and editing the documentary sent a different message, admitted and not allowed, that could be defined as a documentary “.

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