Hong Kong, tensions between the US and China. Taiwan with protesters – World


China warns the United States from the consequences related to Hong Kong on possible sanctions against the national security law for the former colony under discussion in Beijing: “If the US continues to harm China’s interests, then China will take the necessary countermeasures,” said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian. Speaking at a press conference, Zhao also accused Washington of wanting to “hit China’s national security”. China is determined to pass the national security law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Opening the second plenary session of the National People’s Congress, President Li Zhansu said he was “confident that through the joint effort of all delegates, we will be in a position to complete this important legislative task”. The move will give “stronger guarantees to strengthen the sovereignty, security and development of the interests of the nation and to ensure long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong”.

The United States they have already said that they will likely impose sanctions on China if Beijing implements the national security law in Hong Kong. “It is difficult to predict how Hong Kong will remain a financial center in Asia if China takes the lead,” said Donald Trump’s national security secretary, Robert O’Brien.

taiwan expresses concern and support for Hong Kong. “To all those who are currently fighting for the values ​​they hold dear, I want to say that Taiwan has always given the utmost concern and support,” President Tsai Ing-wen wrote on Twitter. “Our government is closely monitoring developments and responding cautiously to fully guarantee national security and interests.” Thousands of protesters clashed yesterday with police in the former colony because of the national security law under discussion in Beijing.


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