Hong Kong, protests against Chinese security law: police shoot tear gas at demonstrators


The activists gathered in two main points: at the Sogo department store in Causeway Bay and at the Southorn Playground in Wanchai starting from 13 local (7 in Italy), in order to start an unauthorized march to demonstrate to the community international that “Hongkonger” they have firm determination in the struggle for democracy.

The police were ready to be ready riot and initially ordered the crowd to disperse. Activists have chanted slogans like “No riots, only tyranny”.

At 14:24 local time the first tear gas was launched at the intersection of Hennessy Road and Percival Street. The Power People activist Tam Tak-chi he had only been arrested a few minutes earlier while conducting what he called a “health talk” outside the Sogo department store, claiming that these gatherings were exempt from the anti-coronavirus rules which prohibit meetings of more than eight people.

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