Hong Kong, 16 arrests for protests against China-World law


At least 16 arrests have been carried out so far by the Hong Kong police, whose agents are deployed massively and in riot gear around the local parliament: today the debate is scheduled for second reading of the law to protect the Chinese national anthem, contested by the pro democracy activists. The call for mobilization has so far seen the accession of several thousand people with an answer below expectations. The national security law wanted by Beijing, under consideration by the National People’s Congress, is targeted.

Over 30 unions, a network of 22 high schools, universities and word of mouth on Telegram accounts have called for today to the general strike or mobilization around the Parliament in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, in Beijing …

The Hong Kong garrison of the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese Armed Forces, has “the determination, confidence and ability to protect China’s national sovereignty, security and development interests”. This was said by Commander Chen Daoxiang, on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress, the Legislative Assembly meeting in Beijing. The garrison, Chen added to the CCTV, “strongly supports” Congress’s move “to establish and improve a legal system and enforcement mechanism” on national security for the former colony.

The reassurances of the governor

The new national security law in Hong Kong, before the final examination of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, will not change the rights and freedoms of the former colony. “There is no need to worry – said Governor Carrie Lam – We are a free society and, for the moment, people have the freedom to say what they want. The liveliness of Hong Kong and its core values, such as rule of law, judicial independence and the various rights and freedoms will continue to remain. ”

The useful thing to do, added the governor, “is to look at the law and understand why Hong Kong needed it.” The legislation will be approved on Thursday and will “affect a small number of people who break it”, while protecting “the vast majority of citizens”.

Lam also called criticism of the law rained from abroad “without foundation”, noting that China is moving with “responsible” action by Parliament. “No country would leave an important matter such as national security incomplete. Hong Kong has not been able to legislate in 23 years,” he argued regarding the provisions of article 23 of the Basic Law, the local Constitution that also regulates the bonds with Beijing. In the immediate future, “it will be difficult for us to do this and it is for this reason that the Chinese Congress has taken responsible action,” he said referring to the September legislative elections. The law, Lam concluded, will comply with the Chinese constitution.

But the White House attacks

Donald Trump is “upset” by how China is handling the Hong Kong dossier: White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a briefing with reporters. The president, he explained, does not see how Hong Kong can remain a financial hub with the legislative changes imposed by Beijing.

The location of Rome

“I believe that at this historic moment Italy must further strengthen its alliances with the United States, NATO and the European Union”, but “also looking to other countries in the world with which to establish new relations, not only diplomatic, but also One thing, however, is certain: the historicity of relationships and friendships and commercial relations cannot be superior to the debate on human rights, on which we do not retreat but, on the contrary, we are very sensitive “. This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on the Frontiere broadcast on Rai 1, answering a question about the tensions between the US and China and the latest events in Hong Kong.

The European Union

“The EU is not naive about China’s international behavior. It is important to cooperate, even if we do not share the same approach on various issues.” So the President of the European Council Charles Michel, to a question about what is happening in Hong Kong. “In the coming months – Michel recalled – there will be a summit between China and the EU member states. We are working to prepare our strategy and our position. We are convinced that the EU must promote its values ​​more and to defend its economic interests. Furthermore, more efforts are needed in the fight against disinformation: it is important that citizens have access to reliable information “.

The EU High Representative Josep Borrell then spoke in a hearing at the European Parliament: “I don’t think sanctions are the solution for our problems with China” which are above all of a “strategic nature”. “We have not made any decisions on sanctions against China” and “we cannot prevent Member States from having a special relationship” with Beijing, “since this is a sovereign choice” for each country. Previously, League MEP Gianna Gancia had asked Europe to assess any sanctions against China after the latest developments in Hong Kong.

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