Home automation bonus and Ecobonus 2020: everything we need to know


With the new one Budget Law and the recent Relaunch Decree some important tax reliefs have been introduced, starting fromEcobonus, which provides for a 110% tax deduction on interventions by energy requalification. The Home Automation Bonusinstead, it allows you to deduct 65% of the expenditure on systems smart for heating management.

Ecobonus: tax deduction of up to 110%, but only under certain conditions

One of the most interesting rules envisaged by the Relaunch Decree relates to the110% ecobonus, which entitles you at a deduction of 110% for the expenses of energy efficiency you hate seismic prevention incurred from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021.
The cases fall within the thermal insulation of the vertical opaque surfaces (excluding interventions such as the installation of double glazing, to understand this) and horizontal surfaces affecting the building envelope with an incidence greater than 25 percent of the gross dispersing surface of the building itself. In this case, the 110% deduction applies to the total expenses for a maximum amount of 60,000 euros for each building unit of the building.
The interventions on common parts of buildings for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems existing with centralized systems for heating, cooling or the supply of condensing domestic hot water that allow for energy efficiency equal to class A can instead be deducted up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, always for each single housing unit. These expenses also include the costs to be incurred for the disposal or reclamation of the previous plant.

Ecobonus 110%

The measures dedicated to condominiums are flanked by others for single-family buildings. On these the bonus is recognized for replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or the supply of domestic hot water with heat pump, including hybrid or geothermal systems, also combined with the installation of photovoltaic systems and related storage systems. Attention: it does not mean that the purchase of the photovoltaic system can be deducted: the possibility will be recognized only if supported by other interventions. Also in this case, the deductible expense to 110% cannot exceed 30,000 euros.
It should be considered that these reliefs are calculated only on the main house. For the second houses, the deduction is allowed only if it is a condominium unit. In short, the villa by the sea or in the mountains is excluded.
The 110% deduction is insured only if the interventions bring a minimum increase of two energy classes. The amount of the work carried out generates a tax credit that can be recovered within 5 or, and this is one of the most interesting aspects, sold to third parties.
Basically, a condominium can assign the tax credit to the company that takes care of the works, who can then recover it or sell it further, for example to a bank. Even independent homeowners can assign the tax credit. On the other hand, the owners of apartments inside a condominium are excluded, due to the works carried out on the individual housing unit.
In practice, this means that who will carry out this type of work, not only will not have to spend a euro, but will not have to anticipate it: will simply transfer the tax credit to the company that carries out the work. The latter in turn will evaluate whether to enjoy the tax credit or to transfer it to a bank and thus obtain liquidity.
Given the numerous requirements to access the eco-bonus, it is advisable to be assisted by specialized professionals, that guarantee that the works are carried out in accordance with the law and do not risk being denied the tax credit.
It should be emphasized that the implementing decrees are still missing, so some details may change in the coming days.

What is the 2020 Home Automation Bonus?

The Home Automation Bonus is provided by the latest Budget Law and guarantees a 65% deduction for the purchase, installation and implementation of multimedia devices for the remote control of heating systems, hot water production or air conditioning of housing units.

Home Automation Bonus

The bonus is awarded to:

  • apartment owners
  • condos
  • business income holders
  • professionals
You will need to obtain the following documentation

  • declaration by a qualified technician or construction manager, which allows to demonstrate that the intervention carried out complies with the required technical requirements;
  • certificate of energy performance (APE) aimed at acquiring data relating to the energy efficiency of the building. The certification is produced after the execution of the interventions (this document is not necessary, as well as for other interventions, also for the purchase and installation of multimedia devices);
  • information sheet relating to the interventions carried out

Those in possession of all the requirements, will be able to access the facility to obtain a tax credit equal to 65% of the value spent, to be recovered in 10 years. As in the case of the eco-bonus, it will be possible to transfer the credit to third parties.

A detail not to be overlooked is that to take advantage of the deduction the payment must be made by bank or postal transfer, indicating the reference to the financial law, date and number of the invoice and the data of those who request the deduction.

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