Holidays, the curse of the number 71. “Over two thirds of turnover at risk”


From success figure to crisis number: the parable of tourism it seems to be enclosed within the 71. With 71 million presences, Veneto was the first region of Italy for tourist movement, but by the end of the year it could lose 71% of the sector turnover, due to the Coronavirus emergency. This is what the survey conducted by Cna Veneto, in collaboration with the Sintesi study center in Mestre, affirms, to the point of sounding the alarm to the president Alessandro Conte: «After six years of growth, the regional GDP will be swooping again. The negative trend is likely to be 8.6% less. The main concern now is for accommodation, catering and all tourist industries ».THE ENTERPRISES
The day after the protest of travel agents and tour operators, the association of artisans ranks the data that highlight the importance of tourism as the first industry in the Veneto. «The chain has underlined the secretary Matteo Ribon almost 35 thousand enterprises and more than 163 thousand employees, which in total produce an added value of over 9 billion euros. It is clear that in terms of numbers and importance, the sector, which represents 11.1% of the regional economy, will not only have to be supported, but also relaunched through investments in terms of resources and image. Staying in Veneto for the holidays means not only contributing to the resumption of local activities, but also having the guarantee of enjoying safe and quality holidays. A message that should also be extended to tourists coming largely from the rest of Europe ».

So far, demand, which grew by 38% between 2010 and 2019 in terms of arrivals, has been dominated by foreigners: 48.2 million, that is 63% of the total, mainly Germans (33.4%), Austrians (8%) and British (5.4%). Another peculiar characteristic is that of high intensity seasonality: 65% of overnight stays are concentrated between June and September, positioning itself for 55.8% in the cities of art and for 20.2% on the beaches. All these elements together help to explain the reasons why, in the two months of lockdown, according to the study, the sector’s activities have already lost 10% of annual turnover. But the final bill is likely to be even more salty, if three conditions hypothesized by analysts will occur. «The first: it will not be necessary to restore the previous restrictive measures. The second: foreigners will return from July, even if at 30% of last year. The third: Italian tourists in the months of May and June will be 20% in 2019, a share which is hoped to rise to 50% in the remaining six months “. If this were to happen, Veneto would lose more than two thirds of its tourism turnover by the end of 2020. Possible remedies? “To make known our villages, the stories, the products of the territory perhaps still little known, through tailor-made experiences”, proposes Ribon.


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