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Rome, 23 May 2020 – London locks its boundaries. British Prime Minister Johnson announced it yesterday afternoon: from June 8 mandatory quarantine of 14 days for anyone who arrives or returns to the island. Given the approach of summer, it is a boulder on holiday dreams and wishes. So much so that the hypothesis of “air corridors”, opened with some countries less affected by Covid-19, evoked in recent days by the owner of Transport Grant Shapps, to try to give a minimum of relief to summer tourism, has been declassified to ” an option not for today, but for the future “. The choice of Great Britain was obviously not welcome. Above all, France did not go down lightly on anything else: “We are ready for reciprocity measures towards Great Britain, if they continue on this path”.

in the meantimeAgain in Europe, the battle continues between the front of bilateral agreements and those who, appealing to the ‘European spirit’, invoke the free movement of tourists. In short, uncertainty reigns supreme. If you are Italian and, despite Conte’s appeal to opt for local holidays, you are thinking of organizing a trip abroad, at the moment, it is good to clarify it immediately, do it first proceed by exclusion.

To slow the optimism of Luigi Di Maio and Dario Franceschini was the last meeting of EU tourism ministers on 20 May. Predictably, nothing done. Just a few days earlier, the European Commission had admitted that it had no power against the so-called ‘tourist corridors advancing the hypothesis of an exchange of vacationers between countries with the same epidemiological situation. Solution, the latter, approved by Croatia which, following the close agreements, will welcome tourists from a group of North-Eastern European countries from 29 May while from 15 June it will also open to Germany, Poland and, if the infection is under control, even to Italy.

Different countries, including France and Germany, have announced that they will dissolve their reservations in mid-June (date of the probable reopening). In the meantime, the Greece, with the summer reopening of international flights, it seems willing to welcome Italian tourists too. For those who dream of Spain – despite the reopening from May 19 of flights and ferries from Italy – until the end of the state of alarm, the obligation remains for a 15 days ‘quarantine’ for anyone arriving from abroad. Net no to Italian tourists by theAustria until the situation is “under control”. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has, in fact, defined “possible irresponsibility, in the light of epidemiological data”, the possible reopening of the borders with Italy.

On the same line also the slovenia which has even announced a strengthening of the patrol service of the border with Italy on the Karst to avoid trespassing from Friuli Venezia Giulia. Uncertain position of Switzerland. The country will reopen on June 15 for tourists from Germany, Austria and France while the rules of entry and exit with Italy are still under discussion due to the opposition of the League’s President of the Council of State of the Canton of Ticino, Norman Gobbi. A decision will be made and announced on May 27th.

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