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With Luca Zaia, Stefano Bonaccini it has gained the spotlight thanks to emergency management coronavirus and the role of president of the conference of the Regions played in an excellent way. The two governors are so different in appearance, but both have an unpredictable quality these days: they are two excellent administrators who also had the merit of bending the resistance of the Conte-Boccia couple on some fundamental issues, such as that of reopening. Among other things, Bonaccini has never entered into controversy with the League, indeed on more than one occasion he has spent relaxing words towards Matteo Salvini and he had no problem working with Luca Zaia (to whom he also complimented, defining Veneto as an “example to follow” in the emergency) for a common goal.

In addition, the governor of Emilia Romagna – points out Italy today – stood out for a moderate approach, a substantially non-partisan method which aims to obtain results through dialogue and mediation. With Zaia, he is definitely the institutional figure who is getting out of the coronavirus emergency. If the Venetian governor has made clear that he has no Roman aim or internal climbing within the party, the speech with Bonaccini could be different: it cannot be excluded that with his calm, concrete and low ideological rate attitude he can think of a day of drive the Democratic Party. Which was practically invisible during the health crisis, crushed by the protagonist of Prime Minister Conte: in particular Nicola Zingaretti it did not shine at all in this phase, rather it was overwhelmed by an alleged mask scandal. At the moment his work is not convincing either as a secretary of the dem or as governor of Lazio.

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