Hiring of riders, Uber Italy police station. “Service contracted to third parties who exploited and threatened migrants. Aware society”


There distance traveled by bike, the value of the goods delivered, the bad weather, the timetable and the day of the week. It didn’t count for Abou, Bayo, Soulemane and others 750 rider, often migrants is asylum seekers recruited in situations of “Social exclusion”: their pay was always of 3 euros per delivery. The tips entered by customers on the app when booking? Never seen, disappeared, withheld. And when someone complained he was threatened, blocked, forced not to work. IS Uber Italy era “Fully aware”, the judges of the Court of Milan believe, of the conditions of exploitation and played one “Facilitating activity”, which is why she was commissioned for a year.

Management contracted out to third parties – The life of dozens of riders summarized in the provision of the Section of Prevention Measures of the Court of Milan signed by the president Fabio Roia and by the judges Veronica Tallarida is Ilario Pontani is a cross section of misery is oppression accepted by those who live in “Strong social isolation” and is willing “to do anything to have i money to survive”. A situation that society would have taken advantage of Flash Road City of Giuseppe Montini – investigated with other people in a related criminal case that has already resulted in searches et al seizure of over 500 thousand euros in cash – which he had received from Uber (five of his employees investigated) the assignment of to recruit the cyclists and over 3 million euros.

The recruit and the job – To reconstruct the exploitation and the awareness of the Uber leaders regarding the working conditions there are the witnesses of the cyclists and the wiretapping summarized in the 60 pages of the provision requested by the added attorney Alessandra Dolci and from pm Paolo Storari. Recruitment took place in headquarters of Flash Road City in Lorenteggio area in Milan. “We always received only 3 euros per delivery”, dozens of riders told prosecutors of the Milan prosecutor’s office. “If his instructions were not respected blocked my account “another rider explained to the investigators, “most of which”, the decree reads, “came from conflict areas of the planet ”and the“ cui vulnerability is marked by years of wars is food poverty and distance from their family members “. Also for this reason they were willing “to be paid little and badly”. Disgraceful conditions, according to the magistrates. To say: Flash Road City held back 50 cents, by way of “criminal”, for deliveries deleted o for low acceptance rates of the same bringing the bellboys to “Grueling work shifts” to “accept as many deliveries as possible” so as not to be denied at least the 3 euro “promised”.

Tips Denied Threats to Rebellion – According to the investigation that led to Uber’s commissioner, Flash Road City also denied riders the tips entered by customers when booking through the app. “If the customer handed them over to me cash directly on delivery – one of the riders reported – those were directly for me and I put them in my pocket; if instead these tips were paid on the application, they came withheld by the company. ” In total, according to the calculations of one of the suspects intercepted, it would be “21 thousand euros tips stolen from riders”. To which they would also have been “robbed” the 70 euros of bail required for it food backpack. And when a rider reproached a Flash Road City man for being a “slave driver” and a “thief”, the threats came: “I only threatened to come and see you.” break your head and I repeat it (…) I’m going to pick you up, I’ll break your ass “. And the order given was clear: “Who is the asshole let’s put it on standby “. In short, access to the application was blocked and therefore it was not possible to work: “Let’s give a day of punishment so you understand”, the suspects wrote.

Uber’s “awareness” – For the judges Uber “participated” through “some of his employees” a “Sanction the riders” and had a “heavy impact on working shifts” by asking to make available a suitable number during working hours more orders and complaining, it is reconstructed in the cards, when instead many people were “logged in” on the platform during the afternoon. For the judges it is “clear” that Uber “directed and limited the decision-making skills” of Flash Road City “with repercussions on the decision-making autonomy” of the bellboys and in “Open contradiction” with the provisions of contract between the two companies and between the contracting company and the riders. One of the managers, Giulia Bresciani, the judges write, it was “fully sympathetic in the management “of the riders and on one occasion invited a man from the Flash Road City, Danilo Donnini, to replace a sick bell boy “With a third party no contract nor covered by any insurance guarantee “. So the riders were “forced to work in precarious health conditions behind the promise to receive a extra bonuses which has an important economic impact on low compensation precepito “, reads the decree. “Now I’ve asked D. to go out on the street even though he’s sick of that I give him 50 euros “, Donnini wrote in December 2018 to Bresciani who replied with one laugh and asked “But don’t you have a friend?”.

The “sentries” to control them – And there was also a “WhatsApp group” Friends of Uber “in which some managers of Uber and the owners of the intermediary labor companies even talked about “Sentinels” to be placed in front of a McDonald’s for photograph the riders they had “Wrong attitudes”. In one of these dialogues, the Uber official, Roberto Galli, always talks to Donnini, an intermediary, asking him, as the judges summarize, “what kind of countermeasures they are taking to repeat “indecorous” attitudes in order to avoid further gripes by McDonald’s “located in Marghera area in Milan. And Donnini: “We have placed two sentries who will photograph who will have wrong attitudes (…) we report them and we block for life (from the delivery app, ed). I would say that this control action will be carried out this weekend “. In another conversation, Bresciani, also an Uber employee, tells Donnini that “Below 70% must be blocked”, referring to the percentage of “acceptance” of the orders by the riders. And Donnini: “Now I give ultimatum, then we block them. ” These are behaviors that according to the judges make explicit how the managers of the San Francisco multinational actively participated in the control and were aware of the working conditions.

The Covid “avalanche” – The “remuneration overpowering regime” against riders, moreover, according to the judges, has worsened with “thesanitary emergency” erupted because of the coronavirus, because “the use” of the bellboys “is progressively increased due to the request determined by restrictions on freedom of circulation “, so much so that” it may have caused even gods avalanche recruitment and not controlled “. One more reason for the magistrates of Milan to commission the company, now in judicial administration for a year, which according to the Court did not supervise or dismiss the managers but claims to have worked “full” respect of all regulations “.

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