Hiring of a rider, Uber Italy Commissioner Court – Economy


The Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Milan has ordered the judicial administration, i.e. the commissioner, of Uber Italy srl, the Italian branch of the American group, by corporal, in particular for the exploitation of the riders assigned to deliver food for the service. Uber Eats. ANSA learns this. An investigation is underway on Uber Italy conducted by the Gdf Economic and Financial Police Unit and coordinated by the assistant prosecutor Alessandra Dolci and the prosecutor Paolo Storari.

In the investigation, which also led to a series of searches, the offense provided for in article 603bis of the penal code is contested, that is, the “illicit brokerage and exploitation of work” for the management of the bellboys who make food deliveries at home for the Uber Eats service. Fattorini who, according to what has been reconstructed, formally do not work for Uber but for two other brokerage companies in the logistics sector, including the Flash Road City which is investigated in the proceeding.


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