hire precarious workers according to the Constitution. We will guarantee safety and alternative methods if the epidemiological scenario changes


Today in the VII Commission, Minister Azzolina spoke on the delicate issue of competitions on the chair and in particular of the competition for teachers with 36 months of service.

The Minister underlined how the places have been increased with the addition of 16 thousand units for the extraordinary and ordinary competitions.

The total number of teachers who will be hired at the end of the procedures will reach almost 80 thousand. “A great result, – said the Minister – that will allow to give stability to a large number of teachers and to ensure the continuity of teaching for our students.”

With regard to the extraordinary competition, the Minister reassured that efforts are being made to ensure that the selection procedures, a computer-based test, “are carried out in safe conditions for the participants and for the personnel involved”.

He also said that “possible alternatives are being considered should the epidemiological scenario change suddenly. A proposal, I think, with common sense. ”

“I am a teacher, – she later recalled – who has experienced job insecurity. My goal is to hire precarious workers, in compliance with the Constitution. ”

On the alternative modalities in case of worsening of the epidemiological picture, today the Senator Granato had already intervened proposing a “common sense solution to be included in the decree under discussion in the Senate”

The solution provides for an “emergency” clause linked to the eventuality of a return of the pandemic which makes testing impossible. In that case, the teachers would be hired on a fixed-term basis and the written test will be deferred at a later stage during the year.

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