Highways, in the tunnel of the Genova Est toll booth reduced concrete from 70 to 5 centimeters


Genova. A structural decay that has been going on for years, continued without anyone noticing until last Thursday. This is what emerges from the first rumors about the gallery’s state of health Campursone II, closed from the night between Thursday and Friday, after a night inspection inspection.

Inspection that imposed new insights, which as a first consequence they closed the Genova Est toll booth, creating many inconveniences for the Genoese of Val Bisagno (but not only), forced to cross the city to reach the junctions of Nervi or Genova Ovest.

According to what reported by Repubblica (signed by Marco Lignana) the monitoring would have highlighted some parts where the concrete layer of the vault would be reduced from 70 to 5 centimeters, probably due to infiltration of water not channeled for years. From here the stop to traffic, preceded a few days before from the closure of the Monte Sperone tunnel in its pipe in the east direction, always on the A12.

A situation similar to that found also inside of the younger A26 galleries where the MIT team led by the “super expert” Placido Migliorino has highlighted problems deemed to be very important, so much so as to have to impose a total restructuring of the artefacts in some galleries, such as the Roccadarme closed to traffic on 21 February and still not accessible.

To date, a total of 18 galleries are closed: traffic is managed with roadway exchanges that impose one lane per direction of travel for several kilometers on both the A12 and A26, but construction sites are also active on the A10 and A7, with very heavy inconvenience for those who are forced to travel on the highways of the node of Genoa for work and not. The closure of the Genova Est toll booth was to end on Monday morning, but the reopening was postponed to Tuesday 26 May: how will the awakening be for the Genoese?

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