Hideo Kojima: one of his (recent) projects has been canceled


The creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga, Hideo Kojima, recently held a long interview with the Japanese site livedoor, talking among other things about the sales results of his Death Stranding.

When asked about plans for his next game, Kojima also said that he is still in the early planning stages, but that he is actively working on it.

Solid Snake’s dad also pointed out, again during the interview, that a game he was working on recently was brutally canceled, which made him quite nervous:

Recently a big project of mine was canceled, I am pretty inca ** ato for this. After all, this is the video game industry, take it or leave it.

The ‘canceled project’ referred to by Hideo Kojima may not be his P.T./Silent Hills, since the removal of the demo from the PlayStation Store (and the blockage of the Konami project created in collaboration with the director Guillermo del Toro) dates back to 2015 and is therefore to be considered old history.

The only sure thing is that Kojima-san had shared some tweets on his social profiles in which he revealed that he was working on a new game that he was personally writing and supervising, most likely a horror title,

We remember in any case that the output on PC of Death Stranding, the latest work by the Japanese game designer, is expected for next July this year.

Source: Livedoor | Via: VGC

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