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Liverpool joins the memory of the 39 victims of May 29, 1985: “You’ll never walk alone”

A tragedy still impossible to accept, 35 years after that damned evening. On May 29, 1985, at the Heysel stadium in Brussels where the Champions League final between Juve and Liverpool was played, 39 people (including 32 Italians) died from the unrest caused by the English hooligans, which caused the collapse of the “sector Z” in which the Juventus supporters had gathered. An anniversary that is remembered today with emotion and sadness by the whole world of football.

The pain of Juve and Liverpool …

“The word Heysel is one of those that we will never, ever forget – reads the official Juventus website-. The memory of who was there, of those who watched from home TV screens, and also of those who had not yet been born but he knew the facts by reading the history books, it is something that wakes up immediately, just to read or hear that word. The night of Brussels took 39 people away, the youngest of them was only ten years old. memory that today, as every day, we dedicate our recollection, and our pain. Because the years go by, but that word continues to evoke in us the same, unchanged pain. Heysel “.

Liverpool is added to the memory of that terrible night, and on the official Twitter profile it dedicates its traditional “You’ll never walk alone” to the victims.

… and everyone’s

The mayor of Turin adds to the tribute: “In 35 years we have not forgotten even one of the 39 victims of the terrible night that changed football forever. To their families I send the embrace of all of Turin”, says Chiara Appendino. The grenade bank also does its part: “United in prayer and remembrance”, the Bull tweets. Representing the Italian football movement, the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina expresses himself: “The tragedy of the Heysel is a constant warning for the awareness of European football. After many years the commotion is still alive, we remember why there is never a more such a drama. ” In November 2015, on the occasion of a friendly match with Belgium held in Brussels, the FIGC, in agreement with the Belgian federation, paid tribute to the victims of the tragedy, with the Azzurri placing a wreath under the plaque bearing the names of the people. who lost their lives in the sadly famous Curva Z. Together with the representatives of the Association of relatives of the victims of Heysel led by Andrea Lorentini, the Federation symbolically withdrew the shirt of the National number 39, autographed by all the players of the National team and exhibited at the Museum of Calcio di Coverciano.

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