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  • Bicycle bonus

As everyone knows by now, the bicycle bonus or mobility bonus, made available by the government, is active. The bonus includes a 60% discount on traditional bicycles, with pedal assistance, scooters and electric propulsion vehicles up to a maximum of 500 euros. The official page for reimbursement is not yet active but, official rumors, predict that it will be activated within a few days.

The bicycle bonus includes retroactivity starting from May 4 and will be active until December 31, 2020. However, you can also take advantage of the discount by purchasing the products provided online. For this reason Amazon, the well-known e-commerce platform, was immediately activated by making available a dedicated page, providing a detailed guide on everything related to the mobility bonus.

How to use the mobility bonus on Amazon

Amazon, following the indications of the Ministry, has dedicated a page with all the steps to follow.

  • Add your tax code to the existing Amazon account (you can click here)
  • Select the product to buy from bicycles, scooters and other expected products. On the Amazon page, however, you will find the list with all the purchasable products provided by the mobility bonus.
  • Download the invoice, essential to request the benefit provided by the mobility bonus.
  • Finally request a refund on the Ministry website, active in a few days.

The steps are very simple and extremely clear, you will find the guided route on Amazon and a specific list with all the suitable means to request the mobility bonus. After that, all you have to do, once you have made the payment, is to enter the data released by Amazon and receive the bonus in question.

Lastly, we remind you that all citizens residing in the can benefit from the mobility bonus metropolitan areas, provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. The first statistics show a significantly positive response to the mobility bonus, with thousands of purchases mainly concerning bicycles. A great green answer that, for our country, can do nothing but good.

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