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In the early months of this 2020 there has often been talk of 5G and hypothetical danger of its antennae. Thousands of Italian consumers, in fact, fear that the prolonged exposure to magnetic waves emitted by these antennas, may cause gods irreparable damage to human onanism, such as tumors and DNA changes.

Although the dangers of 5G have been widely disproved, unfortunately hundreds of people have recently done reckless acts, causing a lot of damage to the 5G and 3G / 4G antennas, mistakenly confused with those of the new ultra fast standard. So let’s find out more details about it below.

5G antennas: this is how they are built and how to identify them

5G antennas are very similar to those used in the last 10 years but, in fact, presented many important differences. First of all, the latter use a completely different architecture, based on the principle of breamforming which uses type antennas mMIMO.

Thanks to this new mode of signal irradiation, therefore, the electromagnetic waves can be directed directly to the connected device, thus following a very specific focus. There will no longer be a homogeneous distribution on the territory but, rather, the network will be optimized and focused precisely on each device.

This new architecture, therefore, exploits a greater number of pillars on which emitters are installed with hundreds of small cells. To allow direct connection of each individual device, in fact, the antennas need a larger surface.

Finally, we remind you that every vandalism can be prosecuted by law and that damaging the devices of national operators causes serious damage to our fellow citizens.


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