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5,000 euros more on arrival with the Companies decree, also called Liquid assets, which is going to be convert in law and for which trust has been placed in the next Chamber rated today.

A amendment to the Companies decree approved in the Chamber provides for the modification of the original text and therefore the loan that even micro-enterprises can request salt from 25,000 to 30,000 euros; for those who have already asked the bank they are € 5,000 extra expected.

The conversion of the company decree into law is getting closer because after the vote in the Chamber it will pass to the Senate for a second reading.

Not only 5,000 euros coming with the new amendment to the Companies decree because about it others are also new. So let’s see how the increase works and for whom.

Business Decree: 5,000 euros on arrival. Here’s how and for whom

5,000 euros coming with the Companies decree: let’s see how and for whom since it is an absolute novelty.

The loan with state guarantees, which even small businesses can request from banks provided for by the liquidity decree of 25,000 euros, comes increased by a further 5,000 euros. These can also be obtained by those who have already applied for the loan from the bank according to the amendment to the text approved in the Chamber and who are approaching its conversion into law.

This is not the only novelty since the sum obtained can be returned no longer in six but in ten years. To these are added also two years of pre-amortization in addition to calculation of the maximum rate that the bank can apply that has been Simplified.

Interests, such as the Messenger reports, they cannot go beyond the Rendistato of the same duration, increased by a spread of 0.2%. But that of 5,000 euros more it is not the only novelty provided for in the conversion companies decree.

Business Decree: loans of higher amounts have also been modified

Not only 5,000 euros more for loans with a state guarantee, but also higher loans are modified in the Companies decree.

These are the loans granted by Sace which must be returned to six years, the period is therefore not changed in conversion, but the pre-amortization period becomes three yearstherefore the time for the return lengthens and the years become nine.

For these loans, which also include the 6 and a half billion euro requested by FCA and which has caused much discussion, the decree in question and which is moving towards conversion provides for the modification of the conditions. In particular:

  • funding cannot be requested by those based in one of the twelve tax havens of the European blacklist including, for example, the Cayman Islands;
  • companies applying for a loan with a state guarantee they cannot relocate production;
  • the company applying for funding cannot distribute dividends or repurchase of their actions.

Regarding these elements, the money taken will indeed be able be used only for:

  • the employee payment;
  • payment of rents;
  • the investments and working capital only towards Italy.
  • only the 20% it can be used by the company to repay installments of old loans.

Another amendment to the Companies decree, in addition to the one under consideration and for the 5,000 euros more, was envisaged and approved to respond to entrepreneurs and employers in general concerned about theassimilation of the contagion from COVID-19 to an accident at work and therefore with the recognition of the criminal liability of the same.

With the new amendment, the holder will not be held liable if he has respected all the protocols expected.

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