here is the ghost scam of TIM, WindTre and Vodafone


With i Call Center you need to be very careful. Many customers TIM, WindTre and Vodafone they repented bitterly for a lightness that cost a lot of money. The theme of scams becomes active again for the Italians forced to keep their eyes wide open in front of dangerous calls. Lately the so-called depopulated ghost scam part of a round of hidden activations for Premium services. Here’s what it is and how to avoid it before it does damage.

Call Center scam against customers: discovered the solution to avoid any problem

Many are contacted every day by the self-styled technicians of the operators’ Contact Centers. The aim is to enhance the convenience of some telephone rates. In any case, there is the possibility of falling into the network of deception at the hands of operators who try in every way to obtain new activations for offers and services of various kinds.

There are cases where the call center call filter does not work. Often the dialer does not even report a suspected SPAM and it is at this point that our little talker has to respect some rules. You should NEVER say the words “yes” and “no”. These keywords, in fact, are enough for activate a subscription with the simple recording of our voice. The call, in fact, is to register by the operator who calls and can be used to enter into contracts in the background.

The advice, therefore, is to “weigh the words” avoiding to express assent or denial through the two previous syllables. In the meantime, the ringing scam that burns tens of euros from the SIM in a few minutes is very popular. Also in this case it is necessary to proceed with due caution.

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