Here is Halfbike, halfway between a bicycle and a scooter. And with the mobility bonus it costs


One large wheel in front, two small wheels behind. You pedal as if it were a bike, but you stand as if on a scooter. It is the halfbike, one of the most innovative and trendy vehicles in our cities.

Halfbike is a product of Bulgarian Koleninia and as far as design is concerned, it looks like a modern reinterpretation of the first bicycles, those with a giant front wheel. Unlike the latter, however, Halfbike folds to be transported with more comfort.

From a technical point of view, the front wheel measures 20 inches, while the two lower wheels are 8 inches. The gearbox, integrated in the hub, has four ratios. There is no saddle, because Halfbike is driven standing with a riding style that involves the whole body.

As said, Halfbike is one of the trendiest vehicles in the Italian metropolis. A trend that can only be strengthened, given that the Bulgarian vehicle is also part of the mobility bonus approved by the Government.

This means that the purchase of the vehicle, which costs 499 euros, entitles you to a 60% refund. This translates, on balance, into a refreshment of 299 euros. Halfbike 2 therefore costs just 200 euros.

If you are trying to buy one, however, there is a particular to keep an eye on. As mentioned, the model for sale is the Halfbike 2, which as the name implies is the second model presented by Koleninia. By the end of June, the third model is expected to arrive, smaller, more manageable and with a better braking system. Halfbike 3 is already bookable, from the official website, at the price of 599 euros.

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