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The presence of iliad in Italy it is now consolidated. In these weeks, the company French continues to increase its already large share of customers: the next goal will be to reach the record figure of six million active SIM cards.

Iliad, there are three services at no cost for those who buy a new SIM

Also thanks to two very convenient promotions (both for costs and for consumption thresholds) like Giga 50 and Giga 40, the operator’s popularity is constantly growing. Unlike TIM and WindTre, Iliad also makes available to all users three free services with all its rechargeable.

The first free service is that of unlimited calls around sixty foreign countries. Customers of the French provider will then be able to communicate with friends and relatives around theEurope, or in the United States and in Canada without adding any extra expenses to your monthly plan.

The service of the secretary telephone. Differentiating itself from the policies of other managers like TIM, Vodafone and WindTre, the transalpine company does not ask subscribers for additional costs for listening to voicemail messages.

Last important point is that of the tariff plans. In recent months, in fact, we have noticed how TIM, Vodafone and WindTre have launched paid tariff plans to be combined with the rechargeable active on their profile. With Iliad, this risk does not exist. All consumptions (both for web browsing and for calls and messages) are already included with the offers Giga 40 and the Giga 50.

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