here are the three Nerazzurri jewels that Conte likes


Persyn, Oristanius and Satriano. They are the three young men of Inter destined to follow in the footsteps of Esposito is Pirola. As the Gazzetta dello Sport points out, Antonio Conte wants to verify the growth of Tibo Persyn and has now made Oristanio and Satriano join the first team permanently. The newspaper then analyzes the characteristics of the three Nerazzurri jewels starting from Satriano.

SATRIANO – “Class 2001, arrived from the Nacional, 187 cm by 77 kg. A wardrobe that loves to play the ball, which has important blows and which at home paint as the best prospect of its generation. Like Ibra as a young man, he can make the first or second tip indifferently because he loves to move in space and not give reference points“.

ORISTANIO – “Tleft handed requartist all dribbling and fantasy, he also took away the satisfaction of scoring in Barcelona in the Youth League, in the sports center where the idol Leo Messi grew up. Yes, because in Avellino – where he grew up – the comparisons with the Pulce were wasted, clearly due to the slender physique and the games in the provincial fields. Conte has decided to take it with him in the next retreat“.

PERSYN – “Midfield exterior, flexibility and tactical sense in power. Inter has already armored him, finding an agreement on a new contract for the next four years and guaranteeing him another call for the next retirement of the adults. Where Tibo, as already mentioned, will have the task of demonstrating to Conte how much it has grown within a year. Inter have gold at home and they can’t wait to prove it“.

(Gazzetta dello Sport)

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