here are 10 cool hotels and clubs where the breathtaking view is an anti-Covid “vaccine”


The great beauty of Rome, painted in a painting on the screen by the director’s Oscar-winning film Paolo Sorrentino, survives the Coronavirus. And it is not the cinema, this time, that tells the charm of historical monuments and timeless architecture. The squares start to populate again following, even if not too much, the sanitary indications and the fountains of author, from Barberini to Trevi, with the water they become the symbol of the rebirth of a rediscovered life and that starts to new Phase 3 of the pandemic emergency.

But the capital of noble palaces and historic residences is the place where cool and trendy clubs reopen, with due precautions, their terraces with a view. The breathtaking panorama, to be photographed at sunset, is a cure-all for forgotten normality thanks to its pink and orange shades that, in spring, intertwine with the blue brush strokes of the sky. Rediscovered after months of forced isolation in the home. Many restaurants and hotel complexes that, on the basis of the hygiene and sanitation standards in force, are looking for alternative solutions to comply with ad hoc measures that guarantee safety against possible contagions to guests, visitors and tourists. Considering the appropriate distances to avoid the gatherings still banned, it is good to remember it, from the city nightlife. Rooftops, hanging gardens on the Roman roofs, swimming pools and large balconies decorated with flowers and plants – where you can taste gourmet delicacies and a drink prepared artfully by expert mixologists and bartenders – are transformed into an ideal anti-Covid “vaccine”. To enjoy the wonders of the Eternal City from above, enjoying the long-awaited moments of leisure and lightness outdoors. Aperitifs or delicious à la carte dinners in company, showing off trendy, or even designer, masks between thermoscanners and plexiglass panels, which divide in reality but combine conjuncts and “stable affections”. Among the numerous hotels, bars and bistros from which it is still possible to admire the artistic Dolce Vita of Rome, ten are those selected and “up to par” in a refined list that assesses their prestige for the services offered to customers and the elegance of the location with a contemporary design. Spaces en plein air chosen by well-known faces and celebrities from the showbiz for their effervescent happy hour with fun DJ sets to cheer up the passing minutes.

Les Étoiles, a magical place to look at the Dome and the roofs of Rome

An enchanting panorama inebriated by the floral scents of a roof garden that overlooks Her Majesty the Cupolone and, in the evening, allows you to catch a glimpse of the colors illuminated by the lights, sipping a cocktail. The Cupola di San Pietro appears so close that it makes you want to embrace it for a selfie to share on social media. As if she were a friend who hadn’t seen each other since the lockdown. There Terrace Les Étoiles, on the top floor of theAtlante Star hotel, in via dei Bastioni in the Prati district, and not far from the Vatican, in the year of Covid-19 it is the perfect space for a delicious dinner in safety. There are two independent entrances, as well as elevators that allow you to enter and exit without gathering. The tables with numbered seats by reservation, finely set up respecting the distances, give visual emotions to the eyes: monuments and architecture to be captured in a shot from above, observing the roofs, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Seven Hills. All seasoned with a typical menu of regional cuisine that you can consult with your smartphone or tablet: summer amatriciana rigatoni with yellow and red cherry tomatoes to start, then sea bass with balsamic vinegar spinach and petite patisserie to finish the meal or sweet light lunch.

The Borromini Terrace immersed in the art of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

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The background is that of the dome of Sant’Agnese in Agone, between the fourth and fifth floors of the renowned one Art Gallery of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, in via del Corso, preserving artistic treasures in a private collection that includes, among many others, the masterpieces of Caravaggio, Raffaello Sanzio, Tintoretto and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The luxury hotel stands here, recently sanitized according to the provisions of the Ministry of Health Eitch Borromini, born from the “Ecumenical College” of the 17th century which owes its name to Pope Innocent X. Baroque touches and restoration works for the remise en forms of statues and frescoes have given splendor to the furnishings and paintings of the past in via di Santa Maria Soul. The chef of the restaurant reserves delicacies of good Roman cuisine, with Sicilian, Umbrian and Tuscan interventions and reinterpretations: from carbonara to normal pasta, to grilled Chianina meat. The charm of a rooftop from which to admire Piazza Navona, enjoying the dishes of the Lazio tradition, perhaps accompanied by an excellent glass of wine selected from the finest labels made in Italy and beyond.

The rooftop with a contemporary design of the Radisson Blu Hotel

In via Filippo Turati, a stone’s throw from Termini station, the underground view of the train tracks at 7th Rooftop of the Radisson Blu Hotel it is a multisensory experience in the “Beat” culture with a jump in the 80s and 90s. Minimal and essential design and, during the summer, aperitifs with DJ sets to spend, at full sound and by the pool, sparkling moments of fun with friends and colleagues. Between Spritz and Mojito made with liqueurs and raw materials of the highest quality. Many happenings during the week, photographic exhibitions and exhibitions of emerging young talents. At Esquilino, we are on the road to worldly return, studying the appropriate hygienic-sanitary precautions. Brunch and dinner for all tastes in the two areas “Zest Bar” and “Sette”, between local and international delicacies. Like the artichokes with laurel, bacon and coconut, the saddle of lamb with hazelnuts with apple cider and kefir, passing to the poached egg with celery roots, flavored with black truffle.

Palazzo Montemartini, a relais in the frame of Piazza dei Cinquecento

In the distance the Baths of Diocletian, while from the top floor of Montemartini palace the view is that of piazza dei Cinquecento, in the city center. A 5-star hotel relais where there is no shortage of events on the terrace with excellent cocktails that focus on amber Martini or the Negroni special. Simone Strano, executive chef of the “Senses Restaurant & Lounge Bar”, brings the flavors of his Sicily with Mediterranean dishes, métissage of dishes between sweet and savory, delicacies of the land that marry the sea in a whirlwind of sensations for the palate. A must is the mousse de fromage blanc on a shallot biscuit while, for vegans, the handmade eggplant burger is the right solution to combine with a glass of doc bubbles. Masks on hand.

Divinity, the suggestive rooftop terrace of the gods on the Pantheon

Located on the sixth floor of the Pantheon Iconic Rome, classy accommodation, the enchanting Divinity rooftop terrace dominates the historic heart of the city with a view of the ancient temple dedicated by the Romans to all the gods, surrounded by Piazza Sant’Eustachio and via di Santa Chiara. Plan the measures to sanitize the terrace to ensure the safety of loyal customers, especially foreign ones, as per the intention of the hotel complex Autograph Collection Hotels, which belongs to the Marriott International Group, and to which the Iconic Pantheon belongs. The menu is curated by the Ischia master of the stove Pasquale Palamaro, awarded the prestigious Michelin star. Among the succulent culinary proposals of the chef at the helm of the temple of taste “Dionysus” there are the suckling pig with apple and grape jam, the tagliolini with curry with shrimp and spinach, up to the raw fish of the day. The after dinner at the lounge bar is a sparkling “di-vino” pastime, between red and white wines at the tap or craft beers to taste accompanied by snacks and appetizers before feasting.

Palazzo Manfredi, the window facing the Colosseum

Windows from which it is possible to see the architectural magnificence of the Coliseum. All ‘Palazzo Manfredi Hotel, in via Labicana and not far from Imperial Forums to relax with a healthy walk, the “Aroma” restaurant, located on the top floor of the hotel, is a rare pearl for food and wine enthusiasts who do not want to give up a lunch with a breathtaking view. And it is possible thanks to the recipes of the Calabrian-Roman chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, who skillfully mixes traditional ingredients with unconventional intuitions, due to his professional experience around the capital and in London. There is even a menu dedicated exclusively to those who suffer from celiac disease and are intolerant to gluten, but can afford the luxury of dining in front of the Flavian Amphitheater. Sanitization measures, offers and special packages to encourage the influx of tourists are the necessary steps taken by management to combat the economic crisis that has hit the sector.

Casina Valadier, a precious treasure in the heart of Villa Borghese

TO Villa Borghese, Casina Valadier it is considered “the jewel of the Pincio” where, since Ancient Rome, the noble patrician families owned sumptuous villas adorned with lush gardens. The building, according to historical texts, was designed by the Roman city planner Giuseppe Valadier around 1816-17. At that time the architect was involved in the rearrangement of Piazza del Popolo, but he had the idea of ​​reviving the so-called “Casino della Rota” in neoclassical style, a seventeenth-century building erected on what remained of an old cistern. Today, with a great sense of hospitality, the “Vista” restaurant in Casina Valadier gives the opportunity to take a dip in the atmospheres of antiquity. And that romance of yesteryear does not displease couples in love. A joy for the eyes is the urban landscape visible from the terraces on the first floor with the protective plexiglass panels, to let yourself be seduced, after the aperitif ritual, from the “Hall of Mirrors”. With the chef Massimo D’Innocenti tradition meets modernity through cutting-edge cooking experiments and techniques that follow the legal provisions for reopening. Jerusalem artichoke and quinoa, scallops seared with caviar and cauliflower. Then paprika octopus with roasted Catalana and pumpkin gnocchi flavored with gorgonzola with marc, almonds and radicchio powder. Last but not least, Madong chocolate cream, from Papua New Guinea, and pear distillate sorbet or crunchy sesame cannoli with ricotta and sour cherries.

Zuma Rome, the Japanese flavor on the Fuksas Lantern

Glamor, fusion blends and all the pleasure of Japanese food, where the flair of mixology is served on the terrace, overlooking the Lantern dell’archistar Massimiliano Fuksas. Located inside the mythical Palazzo Fendi, Zuma Rome it is divided into two floors, much appreciated by addicts of the Capitoline worldliness who, from the panoramic rooftop, manage to observe the most unusual views of the Eternal City: from via dei Condotti to Trinità dei Monti with the famous staircase of “The girls of the Spanish Steps ”, A 1952 film directed by Luciano Emmer. A captivating menu with intense and at the same time bold dishes. The ingredients are simple and genuine and there is no pre-packaged ceremonial for orders. Everything is carried out in full “izakaya style”, according to which the dishes are shared by all the diners seated at the reserved table. Zuma reopened its doors on May 20, joining already in the Phase 2 the provisions and protocols required by the government regarding hygiene and customer protection against Coronavirus.

Hotel Eden, the garden for dining just a stone’s throw from the “Dolce Vita”

dall ‘Altar of the Fatherland to the Quirinal Palace, until Villa Malta. From the top of theHotel Eden in via Ludovisi, the cradle of the Dolce Vita together with via Veneto, it seems that a camera has decided to film in a myriad of frames the scenographic suggestions that only Rome can give to those who are able to grasp them. An artist’s home, often visited by the well-known illustrator Andrea Ferolla, capable of depicting the very essence of the hotel in its designs based on a keen spirit of observation. “Covid-19 Update” is the message of hope launched by Christopher Cowdray, CEO of the chain Dorchester Collection, which ensures maximum commitment to welcoming friends of Eden after the closure imposed by the pandemic. Firstly by applying new rules, limits and guidelines in order to make everyone’s life, including employees, a little more agile despite the difficulties. On the reservations front, until the end of the year, the cancellation policy was changed which, without restrictions, can be made until 16.00 local time on the day of arrival in all Dorchester hotels. Waiting to taste the refinements of the chef on the terrace Fabio Ciervo, a former sportsman, who skilfully blends Neapolitan and Lazio specialties with a sign of tasty well-being.

Sky Stars, the bar where you can admire the stars in the Bravetta district

An ingredient that cannot be missing for a trendy local that is respectable is hospitality. In an exclusive rooftop with a fresh and youthful mood, which is reflected in the armchairs on St. Peter’s Basilica, Sky Stars it is a nice bar located inside theA.Roma Lifestyle Hotel in via Giorgio Zoega in area Bravetta. Renamed by its managers as a “small fragment of a drinking paradise”, here you can touch the stars with a finger from the balcony which, in an intimate setting, resembles that of an attic. The barmen offer a varied list of cocktails, reinterpreted in an original way but without departing from the fundamental principles of bartending. So much so that in the Capitoline universe, the constellation of drinks prepared at the moment by the staff travels from Italy to Taiwan, between spicy notes and delicious mixes. Rum and Scotch whiskey for those who love “the water of life”, landing at “Sophie Toffee”, sweet and delicate like a marshmallow and with the softness that evokes a jelly candy. Sky Stars has been selected among the 100 best bars in the boot. Reopening in total safety, respecting the metric distances and the guidelines of the current health legislation to overcome the post-virus period. A.Roma Lifestyle, according to the official website, will reopen its doors on 3 July with the beginning of summer.

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