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60,000 “civic assistants” are coming and will have the task of helping and supervising during Phase 2. During the week, the call will be launched aimed at the unemployed, those without job constraints, including income earners of citizenship or those who use shock absorbers social. ” This was announced in a joint note by the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Francesco Boccia, and the President of the ANCI, Antonio Decaro, Mayor of Bari, explaining that the assistants will be “identified on a voluntary basis”.

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The civic assistants will be coordinated by the Civil Protection which “indicates to the Regions the availability throughout the national territory, and employed by the mayors for social activities, to collaborate in respecting social distancing and to give support to the weakest part of the population” explain Boccia and Decaro.

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“We are gradually entering a new normal – adds Minister Boccia – there is a gradual recovery of production activities and citizens are, day after day, returning to populate the cities. Municipalities, through Anci, will be able to make use of the contribution of “civic assistants” to enforce all the measures put in place to counter and contain the spread of the virus, starting with social distancing. After the thousands of questions from doctors, nurses and social and health workers, who arrived at the Civil Protection in the greatest emergency in Italian hospitals, now is the time to recruit all those citizens who want to help the country, giving a demonstration of great sense Street number”.

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«It was the volunteers, with us administrators – concludes President Decaro – who took care of those who needed the most in the lockdown phase. It is to the volunteers that we want to entrust our communities in this new and complex phase: the one in which we try to live with the virus and learn to defend ourselves, even returning to a life less compressed by the prohibitions. We can only get out of this emergency by being united and collaborating for their part, with a sense of responsibility »

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