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Helltaker it’s a free game for PC which is becoming a small phenomenon on Steam, where so far it has collected only positive reviews (at the time of publishing this news it has about 9000, not a few).

Published on May 11, 2020 it had gone unnoticed, as happens to many indie games that land in the digital store of Valve. Except that day after day the work of vanripper, this is the name of the developer, known as an animator on YouTube, has started to collect more and more download and consents, reaching general attention.

In particular, it seems that Helltaker is much loved in the east, where he is gathering most of the applause. But what game are we talking about? It is a short one puzzle game from the graphic full of style in which the protagonist decides to go to hell to make his dream come true: create a harem of demon girls. To do this, however, must first be able to reach them by overcoming a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty, which require reaching the end of the levels within a certain number of moves.

When you finally find yourself in the presence of one demoness, you are further tested by a multiple choice question. If you make a mistake you are killed and you have to replay the entire level. If successful you get the girl.

Helltaker does not last long, but it is actually made very well and it is worth dedicating the few hours it lasts, so here is the link to download it and a short gameplay video:

Helltaker on Steam

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