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The success of To hell and back it must be attributed above all to the protagonist, Audie Murphy who, at the end of the Second World War, began a decent film career, specializing in war and western films. The Hibbs film, produced by Universal Pictures, met with good success among the public, while critics partially rejected the film because it showed war as a simple adventure. It is interesting to underline how Audie Murphy, in addition to taking care of the script with Alexander Golitzen, plays himself in the film. In addition, the life of the most famous American soldier in the United States has also become a book, always written by Murphy.


The autobiography of soldier Audie Murphy

To hell and back (To Hell and Back – 1955) airs at 4:40 pm on Rete 4 today 21 May 2020. It is a film directed by Jesse Hibbs and it is the autobiography of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in the United States of America. It is a war movie, in which the bloodiest action and scenes are not lacking. The soundtrack of this film is signed by Henry Mancini and William Lava, extremely successful American composers. Mancini composed the music for the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, also winning the Oscar; while Lava has distinguished himself as a composer for some of the most famous American cartoons, such as the animated series Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


To hell and back, the plot of the film

To hell and back tells the life of Audie Murphy, who, left an orphan of a mother and still a minor, decides to join the third infantry division. The first battle he participates in is in 1943, during the landing in Sicily. Right from the start he distinguished himself for his cold blood and the courage that allowed him, in a short time, to rise in rank: from corporal to sergeant to lieutenant. Epic is the final battle, in January 1945, when Murphy is located in Holtzwihr, on the border with France and Germany. The Americans are under German attack, so much so that the lieutenant orders his retirees while he tries to fight off enemies by boarding an out of order tank. Shooting as much as I can with a Browning M2 he manages to kill most of the Germans, who are so forced to withdraw. Murphy survives, even if injured. At the end of the war, thanks to his strength and courage, he will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, the greatest military decoration in the United States.


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