Helbiz, sharing of eBikes and electric scooters: cities, how it works and prices


Helbiz offers a sharing service for eBikes and electric scooters. In Italy it is active within several cities: Milan, Turin, Verona, Cesena and Rome, with others that will arrive in the future: among these there will be Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Monza, Parma, Pisa and Palermo.


Everything is managed from a convenient free application for iOS and Android devices. The first thing to do is to register to create a personal account. You can use your own email address or Facebook, Apple and Google profiles. Once registration is complete, you will be asked to enter a mobile number on which a verification code will be sent to be used to conclude and validate the registration. The service requires of also upload a copy of your identity card. You will then need to enter your preferred form of payment such as a credit card

Helbiz highlights that use your smartphone’s GPS not only to accurately show the vehicles that are nearby but also to trace the journey for the purpose of guaranteeing safety and reliability of the service. From the app it will be possible, at any time, to cancel the account. Users can use only one vehicle per account on which you must travel alone. The helmet is not mandatory but Helbiz always recommends its use.

The rent

Using the sharing service is very simple. Through the app it will be possible view a map which indicates all the means available for hire. To unlock and use an electric scooter, just locate the closest one through the map, reach it, click on “The race begins” and then scan the QR code using the phone’s camera. To start, a couple of pushes are enough to reach 5 km / h. Then simply adjust the speed through the accelerator located on the right side of the handlebar.

To lock the scooter you need to click on “End race“and take a picture of the parked vehicle. Equally easy is to rent an electric bike. There are two models: Greta and Helbiz Black. To use the first one, just individual on the map, click on “Start race”, scan the QR code on the mudguard, push the red lever on the stand with your foot to bring the bike forward and then start pedaling. To lock the eBike just click on “End stroke” on the app, lock the stand with your foot and take a photo of the parked bike.

To use the second model the procedure is the same with the only difference that before starting to pedal electric motor assistance must be activated through a button located in the center of the handlebar. If a blue light comes on it will mean that everything is working properly. Green light identifies operation without assistance. The red one, however, that something is wrong. The lockout process always follows the same rules as the other eBike model.


As mentioned at the beginning, Helbiz is available in some cities in Italy. Thanks to the integrated map inside the app it will be possible not only to find free means but also identify areas where you can move. Users will find 3 types of “Zone Helbiz“identified by green, yellow and red colors.

The green areas are those where vehicles are allowed to be used and parked. The red ones, on the other hand, identify the areas where it is forbidden to go. If you go there, the vehicle will be automatically locked and can no longer be rented. Driving and parking outside the green area may result in the recovery costs being charged. The red areas within the green area are prohibited for the transit of electric vehicles.

Finally, the yellow areas within the green area are pedestrian or restricted areas where the speed limit is 6 km / h, in order to guarantee safety for pedestrians. Helbiz recommends to park vehicles in racks for bicycles or inside the parking lots for motorcycles, so that they are not a hindrance for the passage of pedestrians.


Helbiz charge a fixed amount to unlock a vehicle and start the ride and then charge a fee per minute. To know the prices of the rental of electric scooters “Helbiz Go“and eBikes”Helbiz Bike“just use the app. Clicking on the vehicle will show the exact costs that may vary from city to city.

You can pay, as well as with your credit card, too with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay or Tinaba. Alternatively, at least 5 euros can be loaded into the Helbiz Wallet, a sort of rechargeable account through which to pay the rentals. For those who make extensive use of this service there is a subscription Helbiz Unlimited. In the face of a monthly cost of 29.99 euros, unlimited rides of up to 30 minutes will be available every day. Applies to all cities where Helbiz is present and for all its vehicles. The subscription can be canceled at any time, without restrictions.


I joined, where I find eBikes and electric scooters?

The means available for rental are identified by a convenient icon inside a map in the app.

To use the means of Helbiz I have to use a helmet?

It is not mandatory but for maximum safety it is certainly recommended.

I have to rent a scooter or an electric bike, I can move anywhere?

The answer is no, you can only move within the green area that can be found on the map in the app.

On electric scooters it is possible to travel in two?

Absolutely not, as on bikes it is only possible to move alone.

What if I leave the green zone?

In this case, the vehicle will be automatically locked and can no longer be rented.

With the subscription I can do two 30-minute runs in a row?

No, 20 minutes must pass between one free 30-minute ride.


Roma Capitale authorized today, May 28, 2020, the electric scooter sharing service. After the bikes, then, the alternative arrives thanks to a fleet of 1,000 Segway G30 Max scooters available in the city and usable in the same ways via app for Android and iOS and unlocking via QR code on the handlebar.

The G30 Max used is a 19.1 kg scooter with 25 cm tubeless tires, a maximum speed of 25 km / h, a 551 Wh battery for about 60 km of autonomy and a 350 kW engine, with maximum load of 100 kg.

The rate does not change: € 1 for the initial release is € 0.15 per minute or the Helbiz UNLIMITED flat rate from € 29.99 per month with daily runs of unlimited 30 minutes (each spaced 20 minutes).

The operational area in Rome includes the historic center, the Vatican and the Parioli / Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano / Università, San Lorenzo, San Giovanni, Rione Prati, Trionfale / Medaglie d’Oro, Prati della Vittoria, Ardeatino and San Paolo districts. / Marconi.


The Helbiz service is accessible for free through the Telepass Pay application with the possibility of registering directly from the app without using the official one. Registration is immediate and requires only a photo of the driving license.

The operational area is always clearly indicated on the application (both on Helbiz and on Telepass Pay) and allows to establish the areas within which it is possible to end the rental of the bike or electric scooter. In the images above you will find the operating areas of Turin, Verona, Milan and Rome.


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