Heavy money on the stock exchange and Piazza Affari raises its head


Heavy money on the stock exchange and Piazza Affari raises its head. Among new announcements of pharmaceutical companies close to the vaccine, hopes of a rapid recovery in the economy, a desire to return to a normal life. The lists, especially the American ones, continue the race to the top.

Heavy money on the stock exchange and Piazza Affari raises its head

The stock markets are looking ahead: one day they are full of enthusiasm. The next hit by the blackest despair. Sometimes immovable because there are no fresh hopes to stick to and negative news that leads to sales. The fact is that the American stock market continues to rise, that the European stock exchanges follow and that Piazza Affari is dragged into a positive climate.

Today the blue chip stock index, the Ftse Mib (INDEX-FTSEMIB), ended the session up 1%, in the wake of the other stock exchanges in the Old Continent. But he had started the day in a way that couldn’t have been worse. Ready, go and after an hour the Italian stock exchange was already below 1%. A new dramatic session was shaping up. But suddenly the fate of the list changed. The forces on the pitch had changed. Sales magically gave way to copious purchases. Unbelievable.

At lunchtime prices had canceled out the losses and when Wall Street opened, the Ftse Mib began climbing upwards. A staircase, but enough to make it end up 1%. If you think that in the morning lost 1%, the gain from minimum to maximum of the day touches the two points.

No magic, the reversal of the trend is due to the coatings

But what happened? What magical phenomenon suddenly reversed the trend? No magic and those who chew a little on the stock exchange, or trade, will be able to tell you that after one hour of bargaining the coatings have taken off. Or the purchases of those who yesterday sold short.

Trading short means selling a share that you don’t have. But to those who buy it then you have to deliver it. And to deliver it if you don’t have it, you have to buy it. The mechanism is simple: I’m selling a 10-share to you today. But I don’t have it. I trust that tomorrow is worth less. So the next day I go to the market and maybe buy it at 8. I sold a share at 10 without owning it, and the next day I bought it back at 8. And the speculation in the open served.

But as we have already written in a previous article, a swallow does not make spring.

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