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The coordinator of the Covid facility in Sicily is also involved in a judicial earthquake, the one that sees the coordinator of the Covid structure in Sicily involved in a large round of bribes in Sicilian health. The Guardia di Finanza of Palermo has discovered a corruption and contracts piloted in the Sicilian health sector and carried out at the dawn of today twelve precautionary measures. By proxy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo, the financiers of the local Provincial Command have implemented an order for the application of precautionary measures issued by the investigating judge of the chief town court against 12 people, variously investigated for corruption for an act contrary to the office duties, undue induction to give or promise utility, instigation to corruption, disclosure of office secrecy and disturbed freedom of enchantment. Two are the recipients of pre-trial detention in prison, these are Fabio Damiani 55 years old, current Director of Asp 9 of Trapani) and Salvatore Manganaro 44 years old, for the accusation “reference businessman for Damiani”.

Eight others were subjected to house arrest: Antonino Candela, 55 years old, current Coordinator of the regional structure for the Covid-19 emergency, former Extraordinary Commissioner and General Manager of the Asp 6 of Palermo, Giuseppe Taibbi of 47 years, reference businessman for Candela, for the Gdf, 56 year old Francesco Zanzi from Rome, CEO of Tecnologie Sanitari Spa), 50 year old Roberto Satta from Cagliari, operational manager of Tecnologie Sanitari Spa, 51 year old Angelo Montisanti, operational manager for Sicily for Siram Spa and CEO of Sei Energia scarl), 49-year-old Crescenzo De Stasio from Naples – director of the south-south business unit of Siram Spa), 40-year-old Ivan Turola “hidden contact of Fer.Co. srl), 47-year-old Salvatore Navarra Caltanissetta, President of the board of directors of Pfe Spa).

Against 61-year-old Giovanni Tranquillo from Catania – hidden contact person of Euro & Promos S.p.a. and Pfe S.p.a) and Giuseppe DI Martino, 63 years old, originally from Polizzi Generosa (Palermo) – engineer and member of the tender commission) instead, the measure of the temporary ban on the exercise of professional, entrepreneurial and public offices has been applied. With the same provision, the investigating judge ordered the preventive seizure of 7 companies, based in Sicily and Lombardy, “as well as financial resources for 160,000 euros, which amount to the ascertained state of the bribes already paid: the bribes promised to public officials reach, however , a figure of at least 1,800,000 euros, “say the yellow flames.

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