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There are above all two weak points highlighted by scientists: there are no immunity licenses for coronavirus, and uniformity throughout the territory at the moment appears difficult at the moment

by Andrea Carli

In the beach of Portopaglietto di Portoscuso in Sardinia a girl notes the day of the end of the lockdown (photo Ansa)

There are above all two weak points highlighted by scientists: there are no immunity licenses for coronavirus, and uniformity throughout the territory at the moment appears difficult at the moment

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A holiday pass. The closer the date of June 3, the day on which the trend of contagion permitting – the green light for travel between the regions could be triggered, the more the pressure on the government by the regions traditional destinations of tourist flows in Italy increases, so that it provides solutions that protect areas with less contagion. Sardinia and Sicily ask for a health passport to protect both those who move and those who welcome those who move.

Solinas: certificate of negativity attached to the Sardinia ticket
Sardinian governor Christian Solinas has started negotiations with the executive. He proposes that new salivary tests be authorized. The goal is a Covid-free island. Sardinia opens its arms to tourists, he explained. On one condition: “We only ask for a little extra caution: get a certificate of negativity at Covid-19.” It is the thesis of the president of the region, who wants to travel, must have the possibility to do the swab, so he can verify that he is negative at Covid-19. Here is the proposal: the certificate of negativity to arrive in Sardinia from next June 3 must be presented «not when the ticket is booked but within three days of departure. So the passenger will come to the boarding with a boarding pass, identity document and this certificate “. The Sardinian governor went further, reasoning on the hypothesis of a bonus for those arriving in Sardinia from 3 June and will have had to bear the cost of the certificate of negativity. A test that “if the government does its part” can be requested in pharmacies or family doctors, places where “the citizen can go easily” to quickly certify that at that moment it is not positive. On a similar line to that of his Sardinian colleague, the president of the Sicilian region Nello Musumeci, who outlined the hypothesis of a health passport to be able to reach the island starting from 8 June.

The stop of the government and of the scientific technical committee
But on the health passport the government is holding back: “The solution is ambitious but impractical”, Pierpaolo Sileri, deputy minister of health shortly spoke in an intervention on Radio 24. “Uniformity is needed throughout the territory and at the moment I see it as very difficult – he added -. Let’s first reopen leaving this virus behind us respecting the rules ». Health Minister Roberto Speranza and Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia along the same lines. A stop to the hypothesis of a health passport also came from the experts of the Scientific Technical Committee: there cannot be a health passport or a certificate of negativity, it was the reasoning of the scientists.

The cons of the pass
The rapid salivary tests proposed by Solinas as a health passport, underlined the scientific director of the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome Giuseppe Ippolito, who recently spoke on the Agorà transmission on Rai3, “are not validated”. Furthermore, the scientist added, “behind it is a billionaire private affair, because they are all convinced that a test must be done, and that it must be done in private laboratories. The WHO – continued Ippolito – which also has its flaws because it runs after the hare after it has escaped – finally said that there are no immunity licenses for coronavirus, which the Technical Scientific Committee has always supported “. For his part, Sileri highlighted another weak point: for a health passport one cannot ignore a “uniformity throughout the territory and at the moment – concluded the deputy minister of health – I see it very difficult”.

The swabs knot
And then there is another weak point, probably the one that is currently decisive: tampons are struggling to take off throughout Italy. Of the more than 3.2 million performed in reality the “diagnostic” (ie new cases tested and not second or third swabs to verify healing) are just 2 million. The number of tampons performed every day for new cases in Phase two remained the same – approximately 30-40 thousand – to that of Phase one.

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