He was experimenting with chemistry, an eleven year old was serious: burns on 75% of the body – La Stampa


COLLEGNO (TURIN) These are hours of anguish for a family from Collegno, in the Turin area. Last night, an 11-year-old boy reported burns on 75% of his body while doing school science experiments at home.

In via Gobetti, where the family lives, two advanced rescue vehicles intervened. A medical doctor took him to Regina Margherita. The child is in serious condition.

The accident occurred under the eyes of the mother who was rescued by the health workers due to the shock. It was she who raised the alarm and first rescued her son.

Based on an initial reconstruction of the carabinieri, the boy would have created a mixture with baking soda, sand, sugar and alcohol. In setting the fire with a lighter, he was hit by flames in the face, limbs, back and chest. At home, the carabinieri found a science notebook with some phrases that match the experiment.

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