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The government against reels, the deputy minister Giancarlo Cancelleri against his minister Paola De Micheli. The dossier highways, with the attached revocation of the concession to the group company Benetton, is another bomb on the government. Following the announcement of the freezing of investments by Atlantia, the deputy minister for Infrastructure grillino Cancelleri attacks the parent company of Autostrade per l’Italia accusing it of “blackmailing the government”. At the same time, however, he accuses his superior, Minister Pd De Micheli, of not having shared the contents of the dossier made together with Aspi. The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party also takes sides against Atlantia Andrea Orlando: “Better to avoid ultimatum and blackmail – he warned in an interview with Maria Latella on Sky TG24 -. Perhaps the tones would be better if they changed”.

The downgrade of Autostrade per l’Italia – explained the Benetton family company – blocked all credit mechanisms and the parent company froze the allocation of € 14.5 billion of jobs, allowing only access to 900 million allocated for the safety of the highway network. The clash reopened after the collapse of the government reopens Morandi bridge of Genoa: Atlantia speaks of “serious damages” and threatens legal actions. “Aspi, those of the collapse of the Genoa bridge, who got stained by the 43 victims of the bridge, who did not even apologize, those there, the Benettons, who blackmailed the government, this morning came out with a novelty. They said : if you do not give us the guarantee of the State to have a loan of a few billion euros, we will not make the investments. The blackmail, the logic of the blackmail “, comments Cancelleri (M5s) in a video on Facebook. “We only wasted time, I turn to the other majority forces, a Italia Viva, at the Democratic Party, we are wasting time. Let’s revoke the concessions, these are not serious people, they don’t want to talk seriously. We want to commission Aspi. I’m not there. “” Minister De Micheli has this dossier where he made a negotiation together with Aspi – he adds -. Nobody knows this dossier, neither the M5s nor other government forces, nor the president, knows it With you, who pulled it out, time has run out “.

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