he fought 20 years for truth


Guglielmo Mollicone died, Serena's father killed in Arce: he fought for 20 years for the truth

Tomorrow, June 1, would have been twenty years. Twenty years in which he never gave up to seek the truth about the murder of his daughter Serena Mollicone. Tomorrow though Guglielmo Mollicone There will not be. And there won’t be for the rest of the days it will take to do justice to Arce’s thriller, to the death of an almost eighteen-year-old daughter.

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This afternoon Guglielmo Mollicone died at a health facility in Veroli after the serious illness he had last November, from which he had never recovered. Since then he was in a coma. He fought, as only a father can do, for justice for his daughter. He was 72 years old.

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Guglielmo, when the Prosecutor asked for the Mottola family and the other accused to be brought to trial, to The messenger had declared: «I hope health will assist me, and in this Serena will not fail to help me as she has done in these years. I want to attend all the hearings to look the defendants in the eye. “

Unfortunately health did not assist him. Unfortunately Serena has not helped him as he has done in these long eighteen years. In late November, a few days after the postponement of the preliminary hearing for a lack of notification, Guglielmo had a serious illness. He had to miss the opening of the new chapter, perhaps the last possible, which could tell the real story about the murder of his daughter Serena. The yellow of Arce. A battle, always lived with an open face, always at the forefront, of which it has become the symbol.

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In the classroom there are Consuelo, sister of Serena, Antonio is Armida, brother and sister of William. The emptiness left by William, by his charisma, will be unbridgeable. And above all, he will never know if justice was done on the murder of his daughter Serena. But nobody can know about this today.

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