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More blood on the roads of Brianza
More blood on the roads of Brianza
Arezzo, 30 May 2020 – It is one of the clearest signs of the exit from the lockdown: the tragedies of the road. And in particular the tragedies in motion, which this season often mourn our news.

Today another very serious accident, in Palazzuolo, in the municipality of Monte San Savino. Even two motorcycles involved, probably in a collision, the drivers’ Uo is serious and was hospitalized in the Siena hospital. The other died after rescuers tried in every way to revive him.

The victim was 48 years old and resided in Bucine: Luigi Sestini was chianava. The wounded, transported by ambulance with red code to Siena, is 63 years old and lives in Arezzo.

Only a few days ago the last tragedy: with the death of Thomas Lorenzetti, the manager of the Velvet Underground, in a crash that in that case had occurred in the Sienese area, in Chiusdino.

The accident happened at 5.45 pm. 3 vehicles from the Arezzo area intervened on the spot: the medical unit, a nursing ambulance and another ambulance without on-board health and two vehicles from the Sienese area (a nursing ambulance and a medical one) and the Pegaso 1 helicopter rescue.


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