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Arezzo, May 31, 2020 – Still a tragedy with a motorcyclist victim, seven days after the death of Thomas Lorenzetti there is another two-wheeler who loses his life. It happened yesterday afternoon in the hairpin bends of Palazzuolo, in the Municipality of Monte San Savino, the victim of the accident is Luigi Sestini, 48 years old from Badia Agnano.

Sestini collided with a motorcyclist who came in the opposite direction and had the worst, he died instantly due to the serious injuries sustained, while the other centaur was hospitalized in red code at the Scotte di Siena for the injuries reported, but at the time of rescue she was conscious.

A tragedy that shakes the bucinese hamlet of Badia Agnano, it is likely that Sestini was just returning home where he lived with his mother when, having just passed the town of Palazzuolo, he collided with the other bike driven by a 63 year old from Arezzo .

Sestini proceeded downhill on the slope towards Colonna di Grillo when at some point he was unable to avoid the uphill centaur. 118 intervened on site with 3 vehicles from the Arezzo area: medical equipment, a nursing ambulance and another ambulance without health care on board.

Two vehicles from the Sienese area also brought to the area. Despite attempts to resuscitate Sestini, the magistrate on duty arrived on the scene and together with the carabinieri of Monte San Savino he started the investigation to ascertain the dynamics. The municipal police of the Monte intervened to manage the road network and they usually carry out surveys with the telelaser in that area.

Sestini knew that road very well, the chief canton of labor Anas was working, the body responsible for the Siena-Arezzo road and until a few days ago he was in service in that stretch. It was also thanks to the images of his service Ipad that the degree of deterioration of the E45 had been documented before the collapse of the pitch, the famous chasm on the freeway.

Sestini is also among those under investigation for the story of the Puleto viaduct. A few years ago he had come out alive from another terrible accident, still in motion. A tragedy that rekindles the spotlight on the danger of the roads and mountain passes, that of Palazzuolo is one of the few passes in the Valdichiana and one of the favorite shortcuts for fans of the two wheels that cut from Arezzo to Siena.

A suggestive but also dangerous road, where there is an agreement between the prefectures of Arezzo and Siena, and a differentiated speed limit has been set between the cars, which can reach 70 per hour, and the bikes that could not go to more than 50

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