Have you tried the latest news from Google Maps? What is Plus Code, as simple as it is revolutionary (photo)


Vincenzo Ronca

Google has just introduced an interesting novelty for Maps, its map management platform, which aims to make the geolocation of users even in special cases.

The novelty is called Plus Code: this is precisely a alphanumeric code of six characters and digits, where the first four are separated by a “+” from the last two. As it shows animation present at the bottom of the article, the code is intended to geolocate the user even if the address is unknown or the area where we are. The code is obviously univocal, each code corresponds to a single place, and is easily accessible directly via a tap on blue ball which indicates the current position on the map.

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The code is easily shareable with other users and searchable via Google Maps and Google Search. The Plus Codes are accessible even offline and the technology to generate them is open source, Google published the project at this address. The technology has been implemented since 2015, but with the latest update, Google has made it much more accessible.

The news launched by Google is aimed above all at crisis situations is emergency in which locating is very difficult: in cases like these Plus Codes it can play a fundamental role. The new feature is currently being distributed via server on Google Maps for Android, we have already received it.

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