Happy birthday Iliad. 2 years with a bang. Here is the news for customers


Iliad opens its first prize game. And it does so on the occasion of a special day, today, in which the manager’s second birthday is celebrated. As reported in preview by 4Fan.it the surprise that in the past few hours the manager had announced, concerns a game with stakes. Customers will be able to win an iPhone 11 by discovering a mysterious code whose clues will be revealed every day, at 12, for the next 6 days.

And don’t be afraid of losing them stories of Iliad in the next few days. If you want to win the iPhone offered by the operator, you can also follow i our Telegram channels where we will raise the stories produced by the Iliad creative team. So playing and winning will be even easier.

We remind you, if you are not yet registered, our Telegram channels (if you don’t know Telegram, run to read our guide):

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Disappointed or happy with the gift?

As in other similar circumstances, in the end everyone feeds a little their expectations on these occasions. Even too much. And as we were able to tell in yesterday’s UpGo.news post, there were those who expected a new disruptive 100 gig tariff plan. Or who, even rightly, was waiting for the awaited implementation of the plan change. And then there is the highly anticipated fixed telephone number plate Iliad.

The surprise instead is more playful and perhaps for someone smaller. Fact is, and this must be said, that the real gift is Iliad itself and it is a gift made to the whole Italian market. You can be admirers, customers or not. But it would be dishonest not to notice Iliad’s important impact on the free market.

With hyper-competitive rates, Iliad also forced the others to significantly revise the prices and the quantity of giga offered. With Iliad, this is a bit the summary of these two intense years, they all gained in the end. Even those who have not gone to Iliad. So, sincere wishes to this manager.

And a little greetings to us too who follow Iliad on the pages of UpGo.news from the first moment of life, continuing to tell you daily news and background.

Iliad Quiz. Have you already played?

Days ago, always here on UpGo.news we put online a simple quiz, to play without registration and in a few seconds. It is accessed from this page and allows you to test your knowledge of the world of Iliad. If you are our loyal readers, get ready for an excellent result 😉

Now is the time for your considerations and, why not, for the exchange of greetings. What do you think of this birthday and, more generally, what do you think of these two years of Iliad? Reply below, in the appropriate comment space.

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